What Do You Think Makes A Leader Successful?

What makes a Successful Leader?

To be a successful leader one need not possess all the best qualities but those that are absolutely required to be one. To know and understand how one can fulfill all the requirements, scroll down on the page below.

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what do you think makes you a successful leader

Why "How can a leader be successful?" is asked

This is one of the most common interview questions. The purpose behind it is to understand whether the candidate has the right perception of success and can prove to be a successful leader in the future. Employers aim to hire only those candidate for whom triumph isn’t the end result but an instrument to grow and learn.

How to Answer - Who is a successful leader?

There isn’t just one quality or a magical charm that can make the leader successful instantly, rather, a tiring process of trial and error. Hence, the leader not only develops a habit of self growth but also caters to the needs of his/her team.

So, how you do answer such question? Let’s find out!

Firstly, know what qualities should you have to be a successful leader and how to use them in a given environment

However, just possessing the qualities won’t help, you should have a proper mindset about how to make optimum use of these qualities and deliver maximum result.

Showing the interviewer that you have been a successful leader in the past and sharing the experience with the panelists can indeed give a life to your answer.

Explain yourself as someone who grows through the experience and focuses on the lessons by imbibing it in the future tasks.

Only focusing on your success and neglecting the failures is not the quality of a leader. So, try to acknowledge failure but also represent it as a learning and not as the end result.

Sample Answer - "What do you think makes a leader successful"

Refer to the sample answer given below:

Answer 1:-

According to me, willing to take the risk and creating a new pathway for the team members to follow and inculcate innovative personality should be the required traits.

Answer 2:-

I have been given a team to lead in the past. So, from my experience I can say that being patient and being able to own up your responsibilities helped me a lot. If you fail to perform the tasks and don’t enable your team to do the same, there is no use of someone being a leader at all. Hence, yes, responsibility and patience is my choice of qualities.

Answer 3:-

It is very easy to want to be a leader but when it comes to being one, it takes a lot out of you. The ability to multi-task, maintain cordiality in the team, be fair and authentic can be the prime traits that a person needs to cultivate.

Answer 4:-

For me, measuring the amount of task a leader has accomplished is not success. To be a successful leader in my eyes, is to have a team that looks up to their leader and takes inspiration from him/her.

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