What Do You Know About Conflict Management?

What Is Conflict Management In The Workplace?

Conflict management is an essential skill that employers look for in candidates. On this page, you will get everything about conflict management and how to answer questions on conflict management in interviews.

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Conflict Management is the practice of identifying and resolving arising conflicts within an organization or a team. When people are working together, it is possible to have some arguments within the group.
It is important that any argument  is mitigated properly and that everyone concerned is satisfied with the result.

How To Answer Questions On Management of Conflict?

These are situational-based questions. The interviewer expects candidates to talk about the ways they deal with conflicts and how they manage them. The best way to answer this question is to provide real-life examples. Show the interviewer how you managed conflicts previously and what steps you took in doing so.

Important Points to Remember:-

The first step is to communicate with the members involved. It is important that they feel their opinions are heard and understood.

Regardless of the situation, showing empathy is important. For example, if the conflict arose due to a difference in opinion, then one should listen and try to understand why the dispute occurred. Showing empathy is validating the feelings of everyone involved.

When solving a conflict, it is important to be neutral. Avoid picking sides or favoring one party over the other.

Whatever is decided should be neutral, not influenced by any external factors.

It is a good practice to put measures in place to prevent any such incidents from occurring in the future.

Points to Avoid:-

If there is any dispute among the team members it is important that the conflict is addressed not avoided.

It is important to understand what the conflict is about.

Best Answers For: “What Do You Know About Conflict Management?”

Refer the sample answers given below.

Answer 1:-

Conflict management means managing any dispute that is occurring within a team. This includes being able to communicate my opinion clearly with those involved and to get them to understand my point and simultaneously understand their point as well.

Answer 2:-

I think the key to conflict management is being open to everyone’s opinion. It is very important that we acknowledge everyone’s way of thinking even if it is contradicting our beliefs.

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