Describe A Time When You Displayed Leadership Skills.

Tell Me About a Time When You Had to Display Your Leadership Skills.

Regardless of the job role, questions on leadership skills are very common in interviews. These questions test the candidate’s leadership ability and how they make important decisions.

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why are leadership skills important

What are Leadership Skills?

Leadership skills are the abilities of an individual to lead their team and team members towards success. Employers look for candidates who have the potential of becoming leaders. It is an important soft skill that is valued in interviews.
Good leadership skills mean having good communication skills, being able to work under pressure, making informed decisions, being a good judge of character, having time management skills, etc.

How to answer “Describe a time when you displayed leadership skills”.

When the interviewer asks this question you need to give an answer stating how you led the team and what skills you showed.

Important Points to Remember:-

  • Explain the situation where you had to show your leadership skills.
  • Include what was asked of you in that situation.
  • Try to pick a situation relevant to your job profile.
  • Do not list out the skills, instead list out the effects of your skills or how you displayed your skills.
  • Instead of saying you displayed your communication skills, tell the interviewer about the effects of your communication skills.
  • It does not necessarily need to be a leadership job, you can show leadership skill anywhere.
  • Make sure you highlight the impact of your leadership.

Points to Remember:-

Best Answers for “Describe a time when you displayed leadership skills.”

Refer the sample answers given below

Answer 1:-

I used to organize study groups for struggling students. I was the founder and what started as a small group became a college wide club. It was a free of cost program where students would exchange knowledge. I used to manage the entire thing, which included scheduling classes, getting mentors to teach, planning a curriculum and more. The most challenging part was probably getting time-tables that were suitable for everyone.

Answer 2:-

In my last job I would often train new interns. Most of our interns were either fresh college grads or still studying. They would have a lot of doubts and I used to sit with them clearing it. It was a really fruitful experience and I developed my patience level and empathy during it. I think the key takeaway from this was that not every person learns the same. Some can pick stuff easier while others need an extra push.

Answer 3:-

I was the leader of the community club in college. This included planning out various activities and often leading a bunch of juniors and getting work done. I really enjoyed this work. Whenever I had to organise an event, I used to first make a plan from where to start and then build it up. It would be a rough sketch constituting of all the steps and alternatives in case something goes wrong. And then I would share it with the respected teams.

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