Will You Work Under a Bond of 2 Years?

Will You Work Under a Bond of 2 Years?

Commitment, Sincerity and Discipline… These are the three fold principles that an employer looks for in an eligible candidate and makes a decision to hire him as a suitable employee for the company.  The act of ‘signing a bond’ with the company is the mean to ensure that the chosen interviewee stands up to all the three principles and is the perfect fit.

What the interviewer really wants to know?

The question of whether you’ll sign a bond with the company on your first day or not arises due to several reasons that the interviewer has in his mind.

Firstly, he/she wants to confirm how needy or desperate you are to cling on to the job.

Secondly, his/her interest in knowing if you can offer a complete commitment to the company with respect to your job profile is very important.

Thirdly, how career oriented you are in your life.

How to interpret an answer for "Will You Work Under a Bond of 2 Years?"

Ideally, for any job interview, it gets quite tricky when the interviewer throw such questions at you and catch you off guard. However, all they want is to get to the core of your nervousness and bring out the best answer that they’ve been looking for in a candidate. So if they bring this up, you’re already half way through the selection interview.

A tricky question needs to be answered in a tricky way.  So learn to play around with it and buy some time to think and reflect on it.

  • Reconfirm with the interviewer if it is mandatory to sign the bond or just a verbal assurance would be enough.

  • Take some time to think. Don’t directly jump to conclude your answer without giving a little though.

  • Inquire about the terms, tenure, amount and any other policy that might put you in a pickle later.

  • If you think that it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to associate with the company and the job seems interesting to you, accept it.

  • Being a fresher yourself, any job would be a great opportunity for you. Go ahead with a happy heart and sign the bond. however, do ensure that the bond isn’t for too long.

  • You can always politely answer that you’re confused about it and would like some time to think and confirm. Interviewers like transparency. This will also sound professional to them. Although, you shouldn’t delay it for more than a day. Be clear with the time that you’ll need too.
Tips For How to answer Questions related to

Points To Analyze

  • Decide and understand what you really want to do in life.
  • Make sure your future goals align with the job role the company has to offer during the bond
  • Analyze if the job role will help in your growth or not

Points To Avoid While Answering:

  • Don’t be directly negative about the offer

  • Do not show that you’re in urgent need of it and you’ll sign without understanding the terms

  • Do not put any shadiness on the job post or the company because of the bond

  • Don’t get too thrown back by the question and answer in nervousness.

Sample Answers for "Will You Work Under a Bond of 2 Years?"

Possible Answers:

I might be able to consider signing a bond, but I have a few concerns, such as the purpose of developing such recruiting processes, bond specifics, and legal consequences. I would also like to know the kind of developments I would be working on, and more about the job during this time. Given my long-term aspirations, this will assist me take a smarter judgement.

Possible Answer:

Sure Sir, I am ready to sign the bond as long as I am getting all the things that I’ve been looking for in an ideal job and if you choose me to be the right candidate for this profile. You can count me in.

Possible Answer:

Well Sir, you’ve sincerely walked me through every details about the job and guided me on my career path, I’d be more than obliged if you could give me sometime to think about it. I would like to take into consideration a few areas of my own and then give you the answer. It’ll be really kind of you to give me the required time of a day.


Should I ask more questions to get clear about my answer?

Answer – Yes you should always ask questions about the job or company to make sure you don’t sign up to something you’re not ready for. You displaying your willingness by showing curiosity in the work and inquiring about details will only pique the interest of the interviewer.

Please give some tips to answer the question.

Answer – You need to make sure that you don’t upset the interviewer with your answer or take a decision under any stress. You should:

  • Wear a confident smile
  • Be honest with your thoughts
  • Don’t look desperate
  • Think and talk
  • Be polite and couteous

Should I say No if I don’t want to sign the bond?

Answer – Yes, if you’re confused about the bond, be polite and say a No. State the reason for your denial and you’ll be fine. You can always say how obliged and grateful you’ll be to work with the company but working under a bond or legal term would only be stressful for you.