Will You Work Under a Bond of 2 Years?

Will You Work Under a Bond of 2 Years?

What the interviewer really wants to know?

” Will You Work Under a Bond of 2 Years?”  The question of whether or not you’ll sign a bond with the corporation on your first day emerges for a variety of factors that the interviewer considers.

First and foremost, he/she needs to know how importantly you are to keep the job.

Second, he or she is really interested in seeing how you can have a full contribution to the business in terms of your work profile.

Thirdly, how much you are focused on your career in your life.

Commitment, Sincerity, and Discipline… These are the threefold principles that an employer looks for in an eligible candidate and makes a decision to hire him as a suitable employee for the company.  The act of signing a bond’ with the company is the means to ensure that the chosen interviewee stands up to all three principles and is the perfect fit.

How to interpret an answer for "Will You Work Under a Bond of 2 Years?"

A tricky question needs to be answered in a tricky way. So learn to play around with it and buy some time to think and reflect on it.

  • Confirm with the interviewer if signing the bond is required or whether a verbal promise would suffice.
  • Take the time to consider your options. Don’t leap to a conclusion without first giving it some thought.
  • Ask in detail about the conditions, tenure, duration, and any other policies that might cause you problems down the road.
  • Accept the job if you believe it would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work for the business and the job interests you.
  • You should still say gently that you’re not sure and would like some time to think about it.  
Tips For How to answer Questions related to

Points To Analyze

  • Decide and comprehend what you really want to do with your life.
  • During the bond, make sure the potential aspirations match with the work position the firm has to deliver.
  • Examine whether the work position would aid in your development or not.

Points To Avoid While Answering:

  • Don’t say anything bad about the deal.
  • If you don’t prove why you need it right away, you’ll sign without really knowing the terms.
  • Because of the bond, do not cast any doubt on the work posting or the firm.
  • Don’t be too taken aback by the question or your anxious answer.

Sample Answers for "Will You Work Under a Bond of 2 Years?"

Possible Answers:

I might be willing to sign a pledge, but I’m concerned about the intent of creating those recruitment procedures, the bond’s specifics, and the legal implications. I’d also like to know what kind of projects I’d be working on during this period, as well as more details about the job. Given my long-term goals, this would help me make better decisions.

Possible Answer:

Sure, Sir, I’m willing to sign the bond if I’m having everything I’ve been waiting for in a dream job and if you think I’m the best choice for this role. You can depend on my participation.

Possible Answer:

Sir, you have genuinely taken me through every detail of the work and led me along my career path; I would be grateful if you could give me some time to consider it. I’d like to consider a few points of my own before providing you with an answer. It would be very kind of you to provide me with the necessary time of day.

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Motivation for good job:

Everyone do have their reason to be motivated.  You have to answer a work related point in this question. Any random point will not be considered you will have to answer on point.

If not selected:

This answer needs a calm reply. You just can’t get hyper and say something negative after this question. This question is all to check how patiently you can handle any situation or rejection.

Confidence and Over Confidence:

There is a very thin line separating Confidence and Over Confidence. You will have to maintain that thin line throughout the Interview Process.


Should I ask more questions to get clear about my answer?

Answer – Yes you should always ask questions about the job or company to make sure you don’t sign up to something you’re not ready for. You displaying your willingness by showing curiosity in the work and inquiring about details will only pique the interest of the interviewer.

Please give some tips to answer the question.

Answer – You need to make sure that you don’t upset the interviewer with your answer or take a decision under any stress. You should:

  • Wear a confident smile
  • Be honest with your thoughts
  • Don’t look desperate
  • Think and talk
  • Be polite and couteous

Should I say No if I don’t want to sign the bond?

Answer – Yes, if you’re confused about the bond, be polite and say a No. State the reason for your denial and you’ll be fine. You can always say how obliged and grateful you’ll be to work with the company but working under a bond or legal term would only be stressful for you.