What motivates you to do a good job?

What motivates you to do a good job

How to Answer the "What Motivates You to Do a Good Job?"

” What motivates you to do a good job?” This question sounds little bit tricky. You have to be honest and enthusiastic while answering this question.

It’s just as important to watch your body language as it is to watch what you say. When you react, make sure to express how willing you are to be considered for the role.
Include how well the job description suits your needs in your answer.

What Motivates You to Do a Good Job?: Interviewer's perspective

An interview is full of trick questions designed to test your ability to assess the situation and respond with an open mind. The query “what motivates you to do a good job” isn’t about you.

The interviewer isn’t interested in how you motivate yourself; instead, he wants to know how your inspiration can help you succeed and stay at the business.

The key to answering this question is to recognize that you must project your reasons in such a manner that they are clearly related to your work profile and the interviewer is confident in your ability to provide services to the organization as required.

How to answer " What Motivates You To Do A Good Job"

The only way that you can successfully answer this question is by understanding that being real and honest will give you the edge in the interview:

  • What aids you in completing any task without making any mistakes?
  • What you like to do?
  • How does your hobbies add value?
  • Are you a right choice for this job?
  • Which role will best for your personality?

How To Approach the Question?

  • Be positive
  • Choose something specific to be your motivation
  • Be Specific
  • Be Enthusiastic When Answering
  • Be Honest

Mistake To Avoid

  • Being too self involved
  • Exaggerating the talk
  • Using unrealistic sources of motivation
  • Relying on other people’s motivation as yours
  • Rushing with your answer

Best Possible Answers for "What motivates you to do good job?"

Possible Answer:

“My primary source of inspiration is my family. They are my greatest source of strength as well as my staunchest supporters. When I see my parents working, it motivates me to do the same. Their commitment to work inspires me to follow in their footsteps. They are people that are self-motivated. As a result, I aspire to incorporate their optimism into my own life. My father taught me not to give up on a difficult customer. The key is to put forth the effort to really understand what the other individual desires. This motivates me to take on new opportunities and risks without fear of defeat or abandonment. My mother instills in me a sense of relaxed assurance. I’ve picked up on her ability to know when to work hard and when to take it easy. ”

Possible Answer:

I am a self-motivated person. I enjoy giving it my best with all I do and completing tasks correctly. You might assume that my greatest motivator is performance. Even while working alone, I find that I can remain motivated without the help of a supervisor.

Possible Answer:

“Success is what drives me to do my best work. What motivates me is knowing that my hard work and perseverance will help me attain greater career achievement. One way to do this, I believe, is to match the company’s mission and ideals with my own. It motivates me to push harder because I know my efforts are on the right track. As a result, progress is critical to me on both a personal and organizational basis. Motivation comes from watching the company succeed, which leads to personal accomplishment and prosperity. And if there are times when I lose or stagnate, it does not demotivate me. On the other hand, I’m feeling re-energized and ready to put in even more effort. Whatever the situation, the taste of accomplishment after a loss is what holds the fire burning inside me. ”

Possible Answer:

I come from a middle-class background, but I’ve seen my parents suffer, despite the fact that they stand by me in any crisis and teach me how to deal with any circumstance.

My optimistic thinking and smile even bust me for doing a decent job.

Possible Answer:

My mother is my inspiration in every situation in my life; I am only here because of her, and she always encourages me to smile in any situation.

Possible Answer:

My desire to teach was sparked by my own baby sister. Since my sister has a profound learning disorder, it has been and appears to be a challenge to assist her with her educational growth. However, she eventually received the individual treatment she needed, and I am extremely pleased with her success. My desire to support students in the same way that my sister was helped motivates me to pursue a career as a special education teacher.

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What are the other types of question that I can be asked on this topic?

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  • What makes you excited to do your work?
  • Your inspiration to do a good job
Can I involve any daily habit that motivates me?

Yes, you should incorporate certain everyday routines that can help you stay inspired.
They should, though, be something successful and positive, such as yoga, exercise, or just reading a thoughtful book.