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eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions with Answers

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Logical Reasoning section is most difficult with eLitmus Cryptarithmetic problems with answers being the toughest. However, previous years eLitmus Logical reasoning questions have shown that good score can be achieved with practice.

Also, before going through this page more, you must also visit our eLitmus Syllabus page here.

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Here are eLitmus Reasoning Paper and questions-

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Here are eLitmus Reasoning Paper and questions-

eLitmus Logical Reasoning Previous Questions

eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Problems

  • Difficulty Level: High
  • Importance: High
  • Number of Questions: 3 Questions

(Cryptarithmetic Questions are very important in eLitmus. You can expect at least 3 questions thus if prepared properly it can improve your percentile by 20-30%, Logical reasoning questions for eLitmus in past papers and exams clearly prove that Cryptarithmetic problems change your percentile drastically)

eLitmus Logical Reasoning Papers and Questions

  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: Medium
  • Number of Questions: 5 -6 Questions


eLitmus logical reasoning questions with answers

eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions with Solutions

  • Difficulty Level – High
  • Importance – High
  • Number of Questions – 6 Questions


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eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

  • Difficulty Level – High
  • Importance – High
  • Number of Questions – 6 Questions

eLitmus Syllabus and Paper Pattern for Preparation

This will help you plan and strategize your preparation. Make note all the questions are updated every month to help you prepare with the updated syllabus some website still show old syllabus and assume each section is of 60 marks.

eLitmus Logical reasoning questions are most evenly divided as seen in previous papers this table should help you analyse the sectional pattern better and should make your preparation much easier.

TopicNo. of QuestionsDifficultyImportanceNo of Correct Question by 90th %ileSuggested Avg time per Question
Data Sufficiency(Algebra and Arithmetic)3HighHigh12 Mins
Direction Sense2MediumMedium31 Mins 20 Sec
Puzzles1MediumMedium31 Mins
Coding-Decoding2MediumMedium245 Sec
Clocks and Calenders2MediumLow245 Sec
Series2HighHigh245 Sec
Syllogism1MediumMedium145 Sec
Data Sufficiency (Geometry,Logic andMisc)2HighHigh21 Min
Data Interpretation(Bar Charts1HighHigh11 Min
Data Interpretation(Pie Charts)1MediumMedium11 Min
Seating Arrangement2HighHigh21 Min
Blood Relation2HighHigh245 Sec
Data Interpretation Line charts1MediumMedium145 Sec

eLitmus Logical Reasoning Questions and Paper – FAQ’s

Q. What is the most important thing in regards to the exam while giving eLitmus test and Logical Reasoning section?

Ans. For eLitmus Analytical/Logical Reasoning test. It is best advised to not to mark answer to any question if you’re not sure.

Better to leave the question unanswered and put that time on some other question. Since there is negative marking and solving 5-7 question can give you 80+ percentile

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