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ELITMUS Quantitative Aptitude and Ability Questions with Answers

eLitmus Quants Questions asked in eLitmus test are of high difficulty. Infact, eLitmus Aptitude Test Questions with Solutions are the 2nd most difficult section after logical reasoning. The Quantitative Ability Paper and Syllabus for the paper for eLitmus Quants Paper can be found out on this page and eLitmus Aptitude Questions also have negative marking , thus you must elitmus Quantitative Questions when you are sure of the answer.

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eLitmus Aptitude Questions with Answers

eLitmus Questions on Number System

eLitmus previous quantitative Aptitude Papers

eLitmus Quantitative Ability Questions on Permutation and Combination

eLitmus Quants Questions in Geometry Paper

eLitmus Aptitude Questions on Miscellaneous

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eLitmus Aptitude Syllabus and Paper Pattern with Focus Dividend

Here you can find eLitmus previous year paper pattern and syllabus for elitmus aptitude test and Quantitative Aptitude paper for eLitmus.

TopicNo. of QuestionsDifficultyImportanceNo of Correct Question by 90th %ileSuggested Avg time per Question
Number System3LowMedium21 min
Geometry2MediumHigh12 min
Probability2MediumMedium11 min
Permutation & Combination3MediumHigh245 sec
Allegation & Mixtures2HighHigh11 min
Algebra & Functions
3HighMedium11 min 30 sec
Percentage2MediumMedium11 min
Ratio & Proportions3MediumMedium245 sec

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eLitmus Quants Aptitude Paper and Questions based FAQ’s

Q. What is the level of difficulty for the Quants section in eLitmus Syllabus?

Ans. It is very difficult section but solving only 9-11 Questions on correctly you must be able to get a good percentile in eLitmus.

Q. How much time can I take for solving elitmus quantitative questions?

Ans. For Elitmus Aptitude Questions there is no timing but the whole eLitmus paper is to be submitted within 2 hours.

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