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TCS NQT Verbal Ability 2021-20

What is TCS NQT Verbal Ability?

TCS NQT Verbal Ability another mandatory section for TCS NQT 2021-20. This section will test the candidate knowledge of English and you will 30 minutes in exam to show How good you are with English to recurtiers.

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TCS NQT Verbal Ability 2021-20

Number of Questions

24 Questions

Total time

30 Minutes


1 Mark per Question


Moderate to High

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TCS NQT Verbal Ability 2021-20


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What will be the cut of TCS NQT Numerical ABility 2021-20

The cut off will be approx 75%-80% i.e. 20- 22 questions. Prepare yourself for this with our prime video course.

What are the important topics for TCS NQT Verbal ABILITY 2021-20

Some of the important topics for this section are :-



What will be the Difficulty level of TCS NQT Verbal ABILITY 2021-20

Difficulty level of this section will range from moderate to high