What is TCS CodeVita ?

What is TCS CodeVita 2024?

TCS Codevita 2024 is a coding competition that TCS organizes on a Global Level every year, in which coders from all around the Globe can participate and show-off their coding skills.

Points To Remember:

  • Students can only participate once in this competition
  • The winner of the competition gets  a whooping price money of USD 20,000/

What is TCS CodeVita - Backdrop

TCS CodeVita Season 11 is one of the toughest coding competitions in India. TCS has been successfully promoting Programming-as-a-sport from last 10 years now. This competition was started in 2012 limiting to only national level then but after watching the success ratio of the first two competitions the Giant decided to go global with this competition in 2014, which earned it the name of Global Level Coding Competition.

Season 10 had over 3,50,000+ registrations from around 98 countries across 3500+ institutes and the students used 8 programming languages. The participants hailed from 9 regions to battle their skills out in the Grand Finale!

TCS CodeVita - Round Details

Round Mode of Conduct
Pre-Qualifier Online
Qualifier Online
Grand Finale Online – in India

TCS CodeVita - Student Benefits

Let’s quickly scan through how it can be beneficial for students. So what’s really in it for students?

  • Book Global Rank among Top 3 Coders
  • Total prize money of US$20,000/- for Top 3 Coders
  • Build exciting careers with one of the biggest global giant.*
  • Opportunity to have a face-off with the smartest brains
  • Showcase your programming skills before a global audience
  • Students making their way to the Grand Finale get the chance to visit India for the finals

* as applicable in the respective geographies

TCS CodeVita - Registration Details

The 10th Season for TCS CodeVita is going to be Bigger and Better. So start registering if you haven’t.

  • Registration Starts – To be decided
  • Registration Ends – To be decided

Click on the button to start registering.

TCS CodeVita Important Dates

Round 1


In this round, there are 10 questions to solve, within 6 hours

  • Dates – Yet to be announced
  • Difficulty – Medium

Round 2


In this round there are 8 questions to solve, within 6 hours.

  • Dates – Yet to be announced
  • Difficulty – Medium to high

Round 3

Grand Finale

This round also has 6 questions with a time limit of 6 hours

  • Dates – Yet to be announced
  • Difficulty – High

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for season 11 ?

The only rule for the competition is that you have to solve as much questions as you can solve out of the given questions, within the given time limit.

What is the minimum number of questions that i should solve to clear the rounds ?

There are no such minimum number of questions that you can solve to clear the rounds. There may be a possibility that you have solved all 6 questions and you haven’t clear the round, or you may clear the round on even solving only 2 questions. The only way is that your codes should pass the, maximum number of testcases

What is the last date for registering in TCS codevita 2024 ?

The last date for registration is yet to be decided for the 11th season.

Do i have to attempt the questions in serial order ?

No, you don’t have to answer the questions in any specific order.