TCS CodeVita Interview Experience

TCS CodeVita Interview Experience

TCS CodeVita Interview Experience consist of questions those were asked in every interview conducted after every Qualifier Round.

TCS conducts its CodeVita once every year across the world and over 200k students participate in this competition. And the interview is organized after every Qualifier Round.

Where students have opportunity to attend TCS interview for various post and for various package

TCS CodeVita Interview Experience 2020

How to prepare for TCS CodeVita Interview

TCS CodeVita is a Global Level Competition whose main purpose is to Test your analytical thinking, situation handling etc through your Codes.

So, first you need to be very good if you need to qualify all the Three Rounds conducted by TCS. Start practicing on several sites like Hacker Rank your coding skills and invest at least 3-4 Hrs per day.

Every year more than 200 thousand students register for TCS CodeVita and give interview rounds. We have taken the Latest data and complied the Most Critical TCS CodeVita Interview Questions.

TCS CodeVita Season 11

TCS CodeVita Interview Process

Pre Qualifier Zonal Round

Starts: 10th Jul, 2020, 09:30 UTC Ends: 25th Jul, 2020, 09:30 UTC Takes Place Online

TCS CodeVita Interview Pattern

Qualifier Round

Starts: 7th Nov, 2020, 09:30 UTC Ends: 8th Nov, 2020, 09:30 UTC Takes Place Online

TCS CodeVita Interview Questions

Grand Finale

Starts: 17th Feb, 2021, 03:30 UTC Ends: 17th Feb, 2021, 12:30 UTC Takes Place At the Venue

Student Interview Experience

  • Name: Sravan Pacholi
  • College: AWH Engineering College
  • Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Type of Interview: Off-Campus Interview

Student Interview

TCS CodeVita is a global level exam and my college encouraged us to participate in it sportingly. Like every year, a lot of students appeared for TCS CodeVita Pre Qualifier Round. I was also excited to participate and judge my programming skills at global level. But to my surprise the Pre Qualifier and the Qualifier Round is conducted separately for India and its been categorized zone wise. And I was categorized in Zone 1.

Round 1: Online Test

The online test was comprise of 6 coding question arranged from lower to higher difficulty and total time allotted was 6 hrs. I managed to run 2 and a half code and to be honest I was not expecting any call from  TCS because I heard that its a very tough competition. But to my surprise I cracked the first round and qualified for the second round.
The Qualifier Round was more difficult and I was not able to crack that round.
But after 2 weeks I received a mail from TCS informing that I have been selected for interview process without giving any mid test like aptitude or reasoning etc.

Round 2: The Interview Round

When I got to the interview location there was all the students who have cleared the Pre Qualifier Round but were not able to clear the Qualifier Round.
In my interview panel there were 3 interviewer and it was an Technical plus HR interview Process. Where 1 person was there just to judge weather I am nervous, body language, confidence etc.
So, my interview took place like this:
Interviewer 1- Come, please have a seat
Me- Thank you, sir

Interviewer 1- So tell me what projects have you done?

Me- Sir my final year project hasn’t been given to us yet, but I am doing an internship with a company and have developed a Game in Python, and I have worked
on some Front-end development

Interviewer 1- Okay, so tell us about your game.

Me- Explained the Idea of game

Interviewer 1- Write some code here which explains something creative that you have done that you want to share.

Me-  Wrote a code nervously. Didn’t use PI and random functions for developing a part of the code

Interviewer 1- You should use inbuilt functions those are more accurate

Me- Yes sir, actually I forgot to import the Math library and went through the code that’s why I used it.

Interviewer 1- Okay, that’s not an Issue

Interviewer 2- Write the code that you wrote (One of the two)

Me- Sir, can I ask something?

Interviewer 2- Ya sure

Me- I have written a recursive solution in Codevita with exponential time complexity. I can produce O(n) complexity by memorization. Should I write the optimized solution or the CodeVita solution?

Interviewer 2- Write the optimized solution

Me- Wrote and explained the solution( in Python)

Interviewer 2- Apart from Python which other programming languages do you know?

Me- Sir, C and Java

Interviewer 2- Okay then tell us something about Garbage collector in java

Me- Told it, with explanation of the finally block

Interviewer 2- Okay tell us a situation when the finally block will not be executed?

Me- Explained to them how garbage collection and finally works internally. But also mentioned I can’t think of a situation where finally block won’t be executed.

Interviewer 2- When you call System.exit() in try block

Me- I gave a big nod as I recalled it

Interviewer 2- Tell us the sorting algorithms you know?

Me- Bubble, Quick, merge, insertion, selection

Interviewer 2- Okay, write algorithm for shell sort

Me- Somehow wrote had some Idea about it

Interviewer 2- Write heap sort

Me- Sir, I won’t be able to write the algorithm, but I can explain how it works

Interviewer 2- Explain!

Me- Explained it

Interviewer 2- Write bellman ford algo

Me- Wrote

Interviewer 2- Insert an element into BST in C

Me- Wrote

Interviewer 2- Explain

Me- Explained

Interviewer 1- Can you do it iteratively

Me- (exhausted) no sir

Interviewer 2- Have you worked on any frameworks in the past which involved Database?

Me- (I did but I didn’t say because I had an Idea that he might ask to explain database connection which I didn’t remember( remember presence of mind is the key))

Interviewer 2– to Interviewer 1- Technical interview has been done now we can start the HR interview.


HR round- Usual discussions about Job, breaking bond, policy, comfortable with relocation etc.

TCS CodeVita Interview Results- Got the Offer Letter.


TCS CodeVita Interview Experience

Zoho Interview 2019

Interview 2

  • Name: Rajendra Vaddi
  • College: Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences
  • Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Type of Interview: Off-Campus Interview

Hello every one, here I am sharing my interview experience
After clearing the codevita round-I.Suppose if you completed. Read More…

Zoho Interview 2019

Interview 3

  • Name: Sivaji Nooyi
  • College: Coimbatore Institute of Technology
  • Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Type of Interview: Off-Campus Interview

Few months ago in August 2019, I interviewed for TCS for Campus Recruitment but with the help of their Coding Contest called- “TCS Codevita Season 8” which were held in July 2019. Read More…

Zoho Interview 2019

Interview 4

  • Name: Nilika Vellayan
  • College: Bharath University
  • Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Type of Interview: Off-Campus Interview

Round 1(Online Round):

Recently TCS conducted a contest named CodeVita in which we have 6 questions to solve in 6 hours. If the candidate were able to solve at leastRead More…

Zoho Interview 2019

Interview 5

  • Name: Vaibahv Jain
  • College: AWH Engineering College
  • Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Type of Interview: Off-Campus Interview

TCS CodeVita was once in a lifetime opportunity and I am glad that I participated in this Test. TCS CodeVita was comprised of 6 questions. Read More…