TCS CodeVita Registration Process 2022

TCS CodeVita Season 11 Registration Process

TCS CodeVita Registration has been opened  now. TCS CodeVita is also known as TCS Global Coding Contest.

On this page we will guide you for Step-by-Step for TCS CodeVita Registration Process 2022. Make sure you follow all the steps as last time almost 10% students couldn’t appear in the exam because  of mistake in registration Process.

TCS CodeVita Registration Process
Registrations Starts on 17th March, 2020
Time 15:30 UTC
Registration Ends on 5th July, 2020
Time 18:30 UTC

Note: What if I fill my registration form incorrectly ?

It is very important that you fill the form correctly. As , even if you miss one step, like entering GPA as 9 rather than 9.0. The TCS System can’t read it properly. Infact, the same happened last year where 7% of the students didn’t get hall tickets as GPA was not correct till 2 decimal points.

We have marked steps in Red colour below which may cause problems for you. So make sure to give notice to Red colour Steps. We will use above alter symbols in images to warn of such steps as well

TCS CodeVita Season 11 Registation Process

Step 1 :
Open TCS Codevita Website

Open the following page in new tab or browser

Note – keep this page open for referring each step correctly.

Do fill this form most sincerely because if you do a little mistake you may not able to attempt the exam.

TCS CodeVita Registration 2020

Step 2.1 :

If you have account on TCS Next Step Portal, then enter your credentials to register for the exam.

Step 2.2 :

For those who do not have their account on TCS Next Step Portal can enter their valid credentials and Register in TCS Codevita season 9

TCS Codevita registration
TCS Codevita registration fees

Step 2.3 :
Terms and Condition

For those who are registering first time should read all of the terms and conditions carefully before registering. Go through all the points otherwise you  will not be able to attend the exam.

Once you agree with their Terms and Condition kindly click “Register”

TCS Codevita Registration last date

Step 2.4 :
Go to NextStep Portal

After reading all the terms and conditions go to the TCS NextStep Portal, and once you agree with their Terms and Condition kindly click “Register”

TCS Codevita registration branches

Step 3 :
Select Category

The first thing you need to do when you go to TCS NextStep Portal is to select category i.e., for which job you are interested.

  • IT: Select IT for software application and development.
  • BPS: Select BPS for bussiness profile such as BDE, sales, call support etc.
TCS codevita registration process

Step 4 :
Application Form

Fill your details carefully because if at the time of Online Test or Interview your information do not match with the one you have filled in the form you will be disqualified. And then you won’t be able to give exam in future.
  • Email ID: Use Relevant Email ID.
  • For example:
    • Email ID = [email protected] is not ethical and it will have a negative impact at the time of Interview. Instead of that use [email protected]
    • Mobile Number: Enter valid Mobile no. which is always active.
    • Password: Enter Unique Password which can not be guessed easily by others.
    • Security Question: Select that Security Question which can be memorable to you always because you can use that Question if you forget your Password.
  • Submit: Click on submit button once you are done with the Application Form.


TCS Codevita Registration steps
TCS Codevita registration form

Step 4.1 :
Confirming Your Mail ID

Once you click on Submit Button a Popup will appear on your screen. You need to confirm that the email and number it is showing is correct.
  • If not, click “Cancel” and refill your desired email id and number.
  • If correct, click on “Confirm” and go to the next step.
TCS Codevita Registration 2020

Step 4.1 :
Confirming Registration

Note down your Registration Number as it will be used whenever you login on the TCS NextStep Portal

  • After Confirmation a popup  will appear where you have to enter your password.

Note: If you enter your password wrong more than 2 times your form will be rejected.

  • After submitting Agree to their Terms and Condition to register completely. And Click “I Agree”
TCS Codevita
TCS Codevita registration 2021
TCS Codevita registration process

Step 4.2 :
Confirming Pending

Once you Click on I Agree to TCS Terms and Condition you will be redirected a new page where at bottom right side there is a popup where you have to confirm your Registration by clicking on “Proceed”

TCS Codevita Registration Fees 2020

Step 4.3 :
Confirming Regisrtation

Click on Confirm Registration to finalize your Registration in TCS Codevita Season 9

TCS Codevita Registration Steps

Step 4.3 :
Confirming Regisrtation

Lastly it will ask to Verify your mobile number. Enter your mobile number and it will match with the registered mobile number than Voila!

TCS Codevita Registration 2021

Step 5 :
Confirming Complete

You have completed TCS Codevita Season 9 Registration Process.

TCS Codevita Registration 2020

Queries related to the TCS CodeVita Registration Process

What is the last Date to register for the pre qualifier round of tcs codevita

The last date to register is for 5th july 2020

Can i register through prepinsta ?

No, you cannot register through PrepInsta, but instead you can go through this page of TCS CodeVita Registration Process, or you can call our support team, we’ll surely help you out for registering in TCS CodeVita.

Can i register for codevita without registering on tcs nextstep portal

No, it is mandatory for registering on the TCS NEXTSTEP Portal, than only you will be able to register for TCS CodeVita.

Are there any charges for registering in tcs codevita ?

No, there our no charges for registering in TCS CodeVita Coding Competition.