TCS CodeVita Registration Process 2024

TCS CodeVita Season 11 Registration Process​

TCS CodeVita Registration has been opened  now. TCS CodeVita is also known as TCS Global Coding Contest.

On this page we will guide you for Step-by-Step for TCS CodeVita Registration Process 2024. Make sure you follow all the steps as last time almost 10% students couldn’t appear in the exam because  of mistake in registration Process.

TCS CodeVita Registration Process

Important Points related to TCS CodeVita

TCS CodeVita Details
Registrations Starts on29th September, 2023
Time16:00 UTC
Registration Ends onNot disclosed
TimeNot disclosed

Note: What if I fill my registration form incorrectly ?

It is very important that you fill the form correctly. As , even if you miss one step, like entering GPA as 9 rather than 9.0. The TCS System can’t read it properly. Infact, the same happened last year where 7% of the students didn’t get hall tickets as GPA was not correct till 2 decimal points.

We have marked steps in Red colour below which may cause problems for you. So make sure to give notice to Red colour Steps. We will use above alter symbols in images to warn of such steps as well

TCS CodeVita Season 11 Registation Process

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Step 1:
Open TCS Codevita Website

Open the following page in new tab or browser

Note – keep this page open for referring each step correctly.

Do fill this form most sincerely because if you do a little mistake you may not able to attempt the exam.

TCS Codevita step 1

Step 2.1:

If you have account on TCS Next Step Portal, then enter your credentials to register for the exam.

Step 2.2 :

For those who do not have their account on TCS Next Step Portal can enter their valid credentials and Register in TCS Codevita season 11

Step 3:
Select Region

Select your Region, i.e., if you are from India, select country as India, and after selecting the region a form will appear.

TCS Codevita step 3

Step 3.1:

Fill the form accordingly, please do not fill any incorrect details as it can have an adverse effect in your selection process.

Please note that hovering your mouse cursor on ‘Policy’ will display the data acceptance policy for the respective field.

TCS Codevita step 4

Step 4:
Accept T&C and Consent Statement

Read the terms and conditions for the exam, and tick mark to I agree.

Also, you have to provide consent to TCS as well to facilitate your registration.

TCS Codevita step 5

Step 5:
OTP Verification

Download Microsoft Authenticator and scan the bar code to get the OTP.

Enter OTP to move on to the next step.

TCS Codevita Registation process

Step 6:
Confirming OTC

Once the email verification is done, you are required to set up OTC (One – Time Code) authentication for your account using an authenticator app on your mobile phone.

Enter the first OTC generated in the system.

TCS Codevita step 7

Step 7:
Form Filling

You will be redirected to the profile page to fill out and save the required details.

TCS Codevita
TCS Codevita step 8

Queries related to the TCS CodeVita Registration Process

What is the last Date to register for the pre qualifier round of tcs codevita ?

The last date to register is not announced yet.

Can i register through prepinsta ?

No, you cannot register through PrepInsta, but instead you can go through this page of TCS CodeVita Registration Process, or you can call our support team, we’ll surely help you out for registering in TCS CodeVita.

Can i register for codevita without registering on tcs nextstep portal ?

No, it is mandatory for registering on the TCS NEXTSTEP Portal, than only you will be able to register for TCS CodeVita.

Are there any charges for registering in tcs codevita ?

No, there our no charges for registering in TCS CodeVita Coding Competition.

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