Would you like to Work Overtime or on Weekends?

Are You Willing to Work Overtime?

On this page, we have provided all the guidelines on how can you answer questions about working on weekends or overtime.

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are you willing to work overtime

Why: “Would you like to Work Overtime or on Weekends?” asked?

The main purpose of asking questions like “What do you think of working overtime or on weekends?” or “Would you like to work overtime?” is to test an individual’s attitude about how you think of overtime work.

Another reason, the interviewer wants to check with an experienced candidate is how well they have handled such unpredictable situations at their previous workplace.

How to Answer “Would you like to Work Overtime or on Weekends?”

Whenever you have such questions just be polite while answering them. Such questions can be answered as yes or no with proper reasoning of the situation. Also, understand whether you have any willingness to work overtime to complete a task or not.  Follow some tips to answer the question effectively.

Important Tips to Remember


Best Answers for "Would you like to Work Overtime or on Weekends?.

Refer to the sample answers mentioned below:

Answer 1:

Yes, I have no problem with working overtime because in my opinion growth of the establishment is equal to the growth of an individual. So, whenever the organization needs me I will always be present.

Answer 2:

I am fine with working on weekends if the organization wants me to do so. As a fresher, It will help me to gain knowledge and learn new skills at the same time.

Answer 3:

In my opinion, If a company is asking me to work overtime and on weekends, then I would be pleased to do it. It will be an opportunity for me to learn new skills along with helping the organization grow.

Answer 4:

I will try my best to complete the work on time efficiently and effectively so I don’t need to work on weekends or overtime because it is very important to maintain a proper balance between our personal and professional life for the job. 

Answer 5:

I don’t think I’ll be able to work overtime but I will try to complete the given tasks within weekdays. Because I need to focus on my physical and mental health too. But, if there is a need to work on the weekends for the growth of the company then I will definitely do this for the organization.

Answer 6:

I will finish my work on weekdays, I do not think there will be any need of working overtime or on weekends. 

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