Body Language in Interview

Improve Body Language in Virtual Interview

On this page we have provided top tips on how to improve body language during a virtual interview. Follow these tips when appearing for a virtual interview.

how to improve body language

What is body language and why is it important?

Body language relates to how a candidate is presenting themselves during the interview. This includes postures, gestures, movements, eye contact, and more.
During an interview, a candidate’s body language indicates to the interviewer whether or not they will be a good fit for the company. Recruiters do not want to hire a candidate who appears disinterested or insecure. Therefore, your body language becomes vital during the interview.

Tips for Body Language:-


Posture means how you sit, stand, and carry yourself during the interview. A slouched or slumped posture indicates a lack of confidence and overall disinterest in the interview. Whether it is online or offline, maintain a healthy posture. Keep your back and shoulder straight. Sit up in your chair, do not lean back. Similarly, do not lean too much in the front.

Hand Gestures

Moving your hands while talking indicates that you are confident in what you are saying. While emphasizing your points, hand motions can be helpful. However, doing too much of it will come off as dramatic. Using too many finger pointings or chopping motions will look aggressive to the interviewer.


The first step is greeting the interviewer. How you greet the interviewer shows whether or not you are comfortable and confident. A reserved greeting shows nervousness, while a too casual greeting will make you look overconfident and disrespectful. The best way is to start with a good morning/afternoon greeting followed by their name(if you know) else a Sir/ma’am. You can then follow up with a how are you doing question.


It is common to fidget when you are nervous. However, too much of it will distract the interviewer. Avoid touching your face or hair as it shows that you are lying or are uncomfortable. Similarly, answering while rubbing your neck or looking away indicates that you might be lying. Keeping your arms crossed while talking makes you look insecure or defensive.

Eye Contact

Maintain eye contact when speaking to the interviewer. It will make you look confident and honest. Often when we lie, we tend to look away. During a virtual interview, keep your eyes on your web camera instead of the screen. In this way, you will be looking straight at your interviewer. If you have made any notes before the interview, keep them closer to the web camera.


A stoic face makes you look unapproachable. Similarly, keeping a constant smile will make you look not serious. Smile whenever you think it is appropriate. Like during introductions, if you are talking about something personal, or during the ending.


Often in a conversation, we tend to pick up the other person’s actions. Smile when they smile or cross your arms when they do. It is known as mirroring. During an interview, you can mirror your interviewer’s gestures to get an idea of what they are thinking. However, doing it too much will make you look manipulative and distract the interviewer.


If you leave the interview without bidding a proper farewell, it will be a negative impression. You will look like someone too eager to go, not enjoying the discussion. In the end, briefly thank the interviewer for their time and bid them farewell.

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