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How to succeed in a Virtual Interview?

Get the tips to succeed in virtual interviews. Read them to know more on how you can succeed in a virtual interview.

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What is a Virtual Interview?

An interview over a video call instead of meeting in person is called a virtual interview. Global companies conducted virtual interviews to interview candidates from different countries. With the pandemic, virtual interviews became more popular. All companies are picking this mode over in-person calls.

Tips to crack the virtual interview:-

how to sit for a virtual interview

Internet Connection

You need a strong internet connnection for a virtual interview. It is important that your interview goes without any interruptions, for which you need a fast internet. It is recommended to use a WiFi connection instead of a mobile data/hotspot. Check your internet speed beforehand. Use online sites like fast or speedtest to check your speed. If the speed is low, then avoid sharing the connection with other devices during the interview.

tips for doing a virtual interview


Not everyone has a professional setup at their home with ring lights and sound blocks. However, you still need to sit in on a proper place to give the interview. Keep the following in mind:-

  • Do not sit in a place where network is weak. Try to set up as closer to the router as possible.
  • Have a good lighting. Keep a lamp or sit in front of  a window, such that a light is falling on your face.
  • Avoid sitting with your back to the light source (window) as it will cast a shadow on your face.
  • Do your set up where there is no external noise. Sit alone and avoid sitting near windows or doors.
  • Sit on a chair and table instead of sitting on your bed. 
  • Have a good background since your camera will be on. Avoid a clustered and unorganized background. Try that any other person is not visible.
  • It is best to sit in front of a blank wall for your interview.
  • how do you prepare for a virtual interview


    Despite it being an online call, you should still dress for the occasion. Avoid wearing T-shirts. Instead, you should wear formal shirts and dresses for the interview. Just because it is virtual, do not skip on pants. Wear nice dressing pants or a formal skirt and shoes that go with the attire. It is generally advisable to wear solid neutral colors. However, for a virtual interview, you need to consider your background. Wear colors that are contrasting your background. If you sitting in front of a soft-colored wall like white or peach then do not wear neutrals as it will blend you in. Instead weak a darker color like black, deep green, or blue will look good. Do not wear colors like yellow or orange as they are too bright. Similarly do not wear patterned clothes.

    video interview tips and tricks


    Try to give your interview on a desktop or laptop as it will look more professional. Avoid using mobile phones. However if there is no alternative then set up your phone on some stand, such that it is stable. Make sure your device has no pending updates. If there are any then resolve them a few hours before the interview so it does not cause any interruptions later on. Keep your laptop/mobile well charged before the interview. If possible keep your device plugged in thorughout the discussion. Turn off notifications from the device when you are in the interview. There can be a chance where you have to share your screen, so make sure you check your laptop background beforehand.

    online interview tips and tricks


    There are many different platforms where virtual interviews are conducted. The most popular ones are Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. All the platforms have similar features and user interfaces. Get yourself familiar with the application, learn the basic steps like how to operate the camera, how to mute your mic, how to screen share, etc. Before the interview, companies usually send an instruction mail. In there if there is any software that you are required to install do it beforehand.

    how to sit in a virtual interview

    Web Camera/Microphone

    You must be audible and visible during the interview. Make sure your web camera is working properly. If you are using an external web camera configure the settings beforehand. Do not use the in-built laptop/mobile microphone as it will cause audio disruptions. You can use headsets and wired earphone mics.

    what not to do in a virtual interview


    Lastly and most importantly practice before the interview. You can go on a mock interview to loosen up your nerves and get an idea of how to present yourself. If you are unable to get a professional, then you can sit with any friend and practice.

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