Why are Extracurricular Activities, Clubs, and Society important?

What do you do in your free time outside of your workplace?

On this page, we have provided guidelines on how you can answer questions on extracurricular activities which include the questions like “What extracurricular activities are you interested in?” or “ Tell me about the extracurricular activities you were involved in your workplace/college”.

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  • “What extracurricular activities are you interested in?”-Why such questions are asked?
  • How to answer “What extracurricular activities are you interested in?”
  • “List out the extracurricular activities you were involved in”.- Sample Answers
Why are extracurricular activities, clubs important?

Why "What extracurricular activities are you interested in?" is asked?

The hiring manager asks these questions as it gives them an indication of the personality of an individual. The interviewer wants evidence of skills and abilities that will be helpful to the company’s growth.

One of the main reasons behind asking this question is to check the leadership skills of an individual.

Most of the time, it has been observed that participation in such activities benefits an individual in many ways; improving academic performance, improving time management skills, also allowing an individual to learn new things, and building leadership skills.

How to answer "What extracurricular activities are you interested in?".

Interviewers will prefer candidate who were active in other areas as well (sports, clubs, theatres). When answering this type of question, keep in mind to co-relate how your interests make you a good fit for the role.

Important points to remember

do you have a good work ethic interview questions for experienced

Best answers for "What extracurricular activities are you interested in?".

Refer to the sample answers mentioned below:

Answer 1:

I am quite enthusiastic in my free time and I like to feel I am developing personally and professionally. I like retaining fit so I visit the gym three times a week. I am not a fitness freak but keeping fit helps me to hold an optimistic attitude and it helps me to concentrate on my work completely. I love reading books and have always been a voracious reader which helps me in improving my communication skills, vocabulary, and writing skills which helps me to relax.

Answer 2:

I am an enthusiastic photographer. Recently I completed a course on graphic designing which gave me exposure to learning about new technologies used. I even have a page on social media where I regularly post content. I have worked as a freelancer for 1 year. I am sure learning such software will allow me to get adequate growth in my career.

Answer 3:

I was an active member of some social clubs like Rotaract clubs and I have represented my college at the district level which helped me to meet new people and gain skills like public speaking, leadership, discipline, teamwork and also time management.

Answer 4:

I enjoy painting and creating new things. After college, I always set aside at least 2 hours to paint, which helps me relax and increases my visualisation skills while also enhancing my memory.

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