Why is GitHub Important?

What is the significance of GitHub?

This article covers all aspects of GitHub, including its importance and why it’s vital for your career. Where can we find out more about GitHub and other similar services…

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  • What is GitHub? Also, its role in one’s career.
  • What are the importance of GitHub?
  • The setup process of GitHub
  • Alternatives of the GitHub
Why is GitHub Important??

What is the GitHub? Also, its role in one’s career.

Introduction to GitHub:

GitHub is a web-based software development platform that allows you to store, track, and collaborate on software projects. It allows programmers to post their own code and work on open-source projects with other programmers. Developers can publicly network, cooperate, and propose their work on GitHub.

Role of GitHub on one’s career:

It’s beneficial to not only have a GitHub account but to use it regularly. Many times it has been observed that an active GitHub user can gain more experience and exposure, which can assist them in obtaining a decent job with a desirable income.

If you are interested in programming and a fresher,  It’s a fantastic tool for learning about the codes. It’s the simplest way to keep track of your code, collaborate on projects, and share your work.

What are the importance of GitHub?

  • GitHub increases package security

Packages can be shared confidentially among team members or publicly with the open-source community. By obtaining the packages from GitHub, they can be used or reused.

  • GitHub boosts effective team management

GitHub makes it easier for everyone on your team to stay organized and on the same page. Issue and Pull Request Locking, among other moderation techniques, allows the team to concentrate on the code.

  • GitHub helps in the enhancement of code writing

Organizations can use pull requests to examine, develop, and propose new code. Before modifying the source code, team members can discuss any implementations and recommendations through these.

  • GitHub also enhances code security

GitHub employs specialized technologies to find and evaluate code flaws that conventional tools often overlook. From start to end, development teams from all across the world collaborate to protect the software supply chain.

  • GitHub makes code hosting simple

Everything is in one spot, including the code and documentation. On GitHub, there are millions of repositories, each with its own set of tools for hosting and distributing code.

  • GitHub also makes project management easy

GitHub is a collaborative platform that allows project managers and developers to collaborate, track, and update their work in order to keep projects on track.

The setup process of GitHub

Below mentioned are some common steps to set up a GitHub Account for beginners:

Step 1: Create a GitHub account after installing git. 

Step 2: Make a git repository on your computer.

Step 3: Create a new file in the repository.

Step 4: Create a new file in the staging environment.

Step 5: Make a commit

Step 6: Make a fresh branch.

Step 7: Make a new GitHub repository.

Step 8: Create a GitHub branch.

Step 9: Make a pull request on GitHub (PR)

Step 10: Merge a Pull Request

Step 11: Return GitHub modifications to your PC

Step 12: Enjoy your git glory.

Alternatives of the GitHub

There are a few tools that provide similar functions to GitHub, and their names are listed below:

  • Phabricator
  • Bitbucket
  • GitLab
  • Allura Apache
  • Gogs
  • Source Repositories on Google Cloud
  • Gitea
  • Launchpad
  • SourceForge
  • CodeCommit on AWS

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