How To Prepare For Placements

How to Prepare for Placements?

Campus placement or recruitment is a program conducted within a university or other educational institution to provide jobs to students who are about to graduate. In this program, colleges partner with corporations that want to hire students.

There are two types of corporations that hire freshers. These are:-

  • Service-Based Companies – TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, etc.
  • Product Based Companies – Goldman Sachs, Adobe, Microsoft, etc.
How to prepare for campus placements

A Complete Guide to Placements

We have provided a detailed guide that includes study materials to prepare for placements. This will cover each and every step in placement rounds, including resume preparation, online tests, interviews, and more to start placement preparation for engineering.

Placement Rounds:-

This includes:-

  1. Resume Shortlisting
    1. How to prepare the perfect resume?
    2. How to write a professional summary?
    3. How to write you resume education section?
    4. How to list work experience?
  2. Online Test
    1. Quantitative Aptitude Test
    2. Game-Based Aptitude test
    3. Psychometric Test
    4. Data Interpretation
    5. Visual Reasoning
    6. Coding Test
  3. Group Discussion
    1. Group Discussion
  4. Interview
    1. Technical Interview
      1. Learn C
      2. Learn C++
      3. Learn Java
      4. Learn Python
    2. HR Interview
      1. Puzzles
      2. Top 60 HR Interview Questions
      3. and More..
    3. Techno-Managerial Interview

Additional Skills to develop:-

Additional skills that you should learn to ace your placements:-

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms
  2. Competitive Coding
  3. DBMS
  4. SQL
  5. Software Engineering
  6. GitHub Interview

Steps to Prepare for Placements

The placement processes for product-based and service-based companies vary slightly. The flowcharts given below explain the recruitment process of these companies.

Placement Process for Service Based Companies

How to Prepare for Placements in Service Based Companies

Placement Process for product Based Companies

How to Prepare for Placements in Product Based Companies

Roadmaps To Get Placed

We have created roadmaps that you can follow when preparing for placement exams. Go through each of them and pick the one which suits your needs the best.

Step By Step Tips To Prepare For Campus Placements

  • Practice quants questions on a constant basis.
  • Solve previous year exam questions and mock sample questions as final revision.
  • Read interview experiences of previous year candidates to get a better idea of hiring.
  • If possible, talk to employees working in the same company.
  • Practice Mock Interviews, to identify area of weaknesses.
  • Improve communication skills.

Roadmap to Prepare for Placements (General)

how to prepare for aptitude in placements
how to prepare for engineering placements'

Roadmap to Prepare for Placements (Non-CS/IT)

aptitude topics for placement pdf
how to start placement preparations

Roadmap to Prepare for Placements (10+ lpa Packages)

importance of aptitude in competitive exams
placement preparations for freshers

Placement Rounds:-

Following rounds are conducted in the placement . You will also find relevant links to help prepare.


A resume is the first step when applying for a drive. On our Interview Preparation Dashboard, we have included a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect resume.

Check some relevant links:-

To Note:- Most Service-Based Companies do not conduct resume-based shortlisting. However for Product-Based Companies, the first step is resume shortlisting and almost 50 percent candidates are rejected in this round.


An Online Assessment is conducted by all the companies to test a candidate. It is the first step of the recruitment process. It is conducted on platforms like AMCAT, CoCubes, Mettl, etc.

There are two parts in online assessment:-

  • Aptitude Test
  • Coding

Subject Important for Placements in Service/ Product Based Companies


2.1 Aptitude Test

The includes Quants, Verbal and Logical sections. It is the first online assessment round. This is perhaps the most important part, as failing to clear apti tests leads to direct expulsion. This is also the part where students struggle as they neglect it during preparation. Therefore, we highly recommend you to prepare for Apti.

Find some of the important links below:-

2.2 Coding

The coding test contains two parts:-

  • Programming MCQs
    • This includes Multiple Choice Questions based on programming concepts and theoretical knowledge.
  • Hands-on Coding
    • This includes developing programs for the given problem statements.

Below we have provided a priority order, in which you should prepare for placements.

1. C/C++

C/C++ should be your top priority. Most companies have a programming round with MCQ questions. These questions are based on C and C++. These languages have concepts that are not present in other programming languages like pointers, operator overloading, etc.

Important Link for C:-

2. Basic and Intermediate Coding

On PrepInsta, we have divided the process of learning coding into three parts:-

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

For most companies, preparing up to Intermediate coding should be enough. But if you have time, then definitely practice advanced coding. You can practice the most important codes that can be asked in placement round on our Top 100 codes page.

Find it below:-

3. Python and JAVA

Once you have got C and C++ down, start learning either JAVA or Python. There is no set priority as to which language you should learn first. It depends on your preference and area of interest. For instance, Python is preferred for Data Science, AI/ML, etc. While JAVA is good for frontend and backend roles.

Find important JAVA and Python links below:-

3. Group Discussion

GD round tests a candidate’s communication skills and ability to deliver a presentation. It is a tough round, and in most campus drives, the majority of the candidates are eliminated from this round only.

Check our Group Discussion Dashboard to know more about this round.

4. Technical Interview

Technical Interviews are the most important interviews of the recruitment process. In this round, a candidate’s technical and coding skills are tested. For the Technical Round, questions are asked from C, C++, hands-on coding, projects, certifications, and more. On our Technical Interview Dashboard, we have five hundred plus Technical Interview Questions for you to prepare from.

Find the important links below:-

5. Techno-Managerial Interview

Managerial Interview rounds consists of situational based questions. Here the interviewer gives the candidate, specific scenarios and they have to describe how they would act. STAR approach is preferred for this round. On our MR Interview Dashboard you will find the most important MR Questions asked during an MR Interview.

Important Links for Techno-Managerial Round:-

To Note:- The interviewer also focuses on Projects in the managerial round. For Product-Based companies, technical skills are also checked in this round.

6. HR Interview

HR Interview is the concluding round of the recruitment process. It is a tough round that tests whether or not the candidate is fit for the company. On PrepInsta, you will find the most important HR Interview Questions and a complete guide on how to answer them.

Find the links below:-

Additional Skills:-

Listed below are additional skills that you need to develop in order to prepare for placement rounds.

1. Data Structure Algorithms

Lately, DSA is becoming more and more important for placement rounds. IT companies are starting to keep the knowledge of DSA as an eligibility criteria. We would suggest you to give DSA 15 to 30 days for preparation. On our website, you will find all the links to learn DSA and ace your preparations.

2. Competitive Coding

Competitive Coding is advanced-level programming. You should start preparing for competitive coding towards the end.

3. Interview Puzzles

Apart from Technical Skills, interviewers will also ask puzzles and logical reasoning questions. These questions check the IQ of the candidates and test their problem-solving skills. On PrepInsta, you will find the most common interview puzzles along with their solutions.

4. Digital Skills

Nowadays, companies expect candidates to have knowledge of popular skills like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. On PrepInsta Prime, you will find courses to learn these digital skills.

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Ethical Hacking
  • NLP and Deep Learning

To Note:- We will advise not to pick web development as an additional digital skill. This is because it will take you at least six months to completely learn it. It is not feasible to spend such a long time on one skill, unless you are starting your preparation from third or fourth semester. 

5. Most Asked Questions on Technical Skills

Apart from Coding skills, IT companies expect Technical Knowledge as well. These include knowledge of Database Management, SQL, Operating Systems, and more. On our Technical Interview Dashboard, you will find important questions asked from these topics.

For general multinational companies (service-based and product-based) who hire freshers from campuses, the above materials are sufficient to prepare. You can do your revision by targeting specific companies.


On PrepInsta, you will find company wise dashboards. Here we have provided all the materials including online assessment preparation and interview preparation materials. 

Top Companies To Prepare For

FAQs on "How to Prepare for Campus Placements"

Question: What should I prepare for campus placements?


For most campus placement exams in engineering you need to prepare Quants, Logical Reasoning, Verbal and Programming (Hands on coding and MCQs).

Question: Is Campus Placement easy?


Campus Placements are easy if you start your preparations in advance. That includes preparing for the placement exams and interviews. Also, working on your resume, by adding projects and certifications.

Question: What is the first step in campus placements?


The first step in campus placements is the online assessment. This usually consists of an MCQ type exam covering Quants & Apti and coding.

Question: What language is best for placements?


C/C++ is mostly preferred for placements.

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