How To Prepare For Campus Placements

A Step By Step Guide On How To Prepare For Campus Placements

Campus Placements have taken a hit and almost all the big IT companies are on a roll to hire candidates for their job profiles. The most asked question from the students is “How To Prepare for Campus Placements?”. So fret not, PrepInsta is here to answer this question and provide you a proper structured plan to prepare for your Campus Placement. The question How To Prepare for Campus Placements will not be a mystery anymore.

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To simplify your placement preparation journey, experts at PrepInsta have carved out a detailed flowchart for you to follow and give a distinct answer to your ‘How to prepare for Campus Placements’ question.

  • Draft and devise a practical plan

  • Prepare a properly structured, impressive and flawless resume.

  • Prepare for the Topics (Aptitude and Programming)

  • Know Your Subject Basics inside out

  • Work on your Interview Round (Technical, HR and MR)

  • Keep Tracking your Progress during the Preparation phrase
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STEP 1 – Devise a Practical Plan

If you want to score high points and clear all the interview rounds in one go with excellence it is important that you draft up a proper plan on how you would go about with your preparation. Having a clear pathway to follow for the upcoming months until the drive announcements is very important.

A plan clears out all the confusions and questions that might arise during your preparation and can only lead to more confusion and lower enthusiasm coupled with lack of confidence and self doubt.

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STEP 2 – Build an Impressive Resume

Your resume says a lot about you. It is the one and the most important thing that determines whether you’ll be called in for the interview or not.

A proper, detailed and updated resume stating your achievements, qualifications, skills and goals is the most vital part of the entire hiring and placement process.

You should know what and how to write a resume so that it gets all the attention you need to get called in for the interview and get selected for the job. Stating true facts with efficacy and prominence is the key to building the best resume.

Some Sample Resumes for You to refer:

Sample 1        Sample 2        Sample 3        Sample 4            Resume Templates on Canva

STEP 3 – Prepare and Practice The Assessment Sections

The Written Assessment or a skill test is the first step on your ladder to the final hiring for several companies. These test can be conducted in the form of pen and paper exams (in the form of MCQ or OMR sheet system) or digital exams (computer – aided) that aim at exercising a stricter selection procedure to finalize candidates who get the call for an interview.

No matter through what medium the assessment is held, practicing and learning to attempt these tests is crucial to one’s selection.

So, to prepare for these exams you need to head into the right direction and exercise hard work into the right stream.

Not to forget, PRACTICE is the key to excellence. Practice with PrepInsta ‘s sample questionnaires and test your skills.

The Assessment Test generally takes up most of the Aptitude section and Programming too. So to successfully pass the written test which is the mandatory section a proper knowledge and dedicated practice for all of the two sections holds the highest significance.

  • Programming
    It is highly recommended that you have a thorough knowledge of either of the programming languages to answer the coding section.

Note: PrepInsta provides you with a huge library of Aptitude and Programming Sample and Mock Tests to prepare for Campus Placements.

STEP 4 – Learn Your Subject Basics For Interview

Just passing the online test is not enough to book a desk for yourself in a company. Having the required knowledge of Programming Basics is essential to cross the advanced tech interview rounds.

This section primarily includes:

From among these, we rate Data Structures and Algorithms with the highest level of importance while others can range from low to medium significance.

STEP 5 – Interview Round Preparation

Stepping onto the next step on the Placement Ladder, Interview rounds give you the opportunity to reclaim your position in the eyes of the interviewers even if you don’t score the highest in your assessments.

For any company, the interviews take place in two rounds namely:

  • Technical Interview
    This round concentrates more on your tech skills. Questions from Programming including data structures, string manipulation, Oops, operating system etc are asked.
  • Human Resource Interview –
    The HR Interview Round dives deeper into your personal traits and skills. It revolves around how you’d use your experience, strengths, weaknesses, achievements etc to grow and build your company.

Read all the Interview Experiences from the students placed in big IT Companies to prepare yourself for the upcoming drives

STEP 6 – Track Your Progress

Tracking and keeping a record of your progress helps you to self evaluate and understand where you stand at a given time and period. It helps you to construct a more practicable approach to your preparation thus shaping a definite future that you’ve always dreamed of.

To keep a complete check on your ongoing preparation and have the detailed analytics we’d suggest you to join PrepInsta and create a profile with us. You can use this profile to analyze your growth and preparation status which will only results in a rising curve of your placement preparation graph.

Company Wise Placement Preparation

If you wish to prepare for  specific company, we have given the major dashboards on our website for your convenience. Check them out and prepare at your own pace.