How To Prepare For Accenture

How to prepare for accenture fast

How To Prepare For Accenture Campus Placements

Want to prepare for Accenture Campus Placements? We will guide you through it. On this page, we have provided complete guide to prepare for Accenture Campus Placements.

Accenture Campus Placements

Accenture is one of the most popular recruiter in the IT industry. They conduct placements in both On Campus and Off Campus. There are in total 3 rounds in the Accenture Recruitment Process. You will find detailed breakdown on this page.

What are the rounds in Accenture Placement Exam?

The following rounds are conducted in the Accenture Placement Exam:-

  • Online Assessment
  • Communication Round
  • Interview

Below, we have explained each round in detail:-

Accenture Basic information
English Ability 17 Ques
Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving 18 Ques
Abstract Reasoning 15 Ques
Common Application and MS Office 12 Ques
Pseudo Code 18 Ques
Network Security and Cloud 10 Ques
Coding 2 Ques
Communication Assessment 20 Ques

What is the salary offered by Accenture?

There are two profiles for which Accenture hires:-

  • Software Engineer:-
    • Fixed Pay – Rs 5.41 Lakhs
    • Performance based Pay – Rs 82,500/- (in a performance cycle)
    • One Time Joining Bonus ~ Rs 26,500/-
    • Total Pay – Rs 6.50 Lakhs
    • Additional Benefits of Gratitude and Insurance
  • Associates Software Role:-
    • Fixed Pay – Rs 3.83 LPA
    • Performance Bonus – Rs 32,500/- per annum
    • One Time joining Bonus – Rs 25,000/-
    • Total Pay – Rs 4.5 LPA
    • Additional Benefits of Gratitude and Insurance

Accenture Recruitment Pattern

accenture placement round

Accenture Campus Placement Preparation Tips

Accenture has in total four rounds in the recruitment process. We will explain each round here.

  • Online Assessment
    • Cognitive Ability
      • 50 minutes, 50 questions
    • Technical Assessment
      • 40 minutes, 40 questions
  • Coding Test
    • 45 minutes, 2 questions
  • Communication Assessment
  • Interview
    • Technical Interview
    • HR Interview

Accenture Online Assessment:-

This is the first round in Accenture exam. There are two sub sections, in this round:-

  • Cognitive Ability
  • Technical Assessment

Cognitive Ability

There are 50 questions in total, and the time duration is 50 minutes. The section is further sub-divided into:-

  • English Ability:- 17 questions
  • Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving:- 18 questions
  • Abstract Reasoning:- 15 questions

Technical Assessment

There are in total 40 questions and 40 minutes time duration. The section is further divided into:-

  • Common Application and MS Office:- 12 questions
  • Pseudocode:- 18 questions
  • Network Security and Cloud:- 10 questions

Important Links for Accenture Online Assessment:-

Accenture Coding Assessment:-

After clearing the Online Assessment, a candidate is then asked to write the coding test. This is a 45 minutes round, and there are 2 questions asked. 

Important Links for Accenture Coding Assessment:-

Accenture Communication Assessment:-

Usually this is not an elimination round, however it can change for some colleges. The overall score is considered during final selection of the candidate. 

Important Links for Accenture Communication Assessment:-

Accenture Interview:-

Accenture conducts two interviews, these are:-

  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

These interviews are usually taken by two different interviewers, and either can be conducted on the same day or on two different days. 

Important Links for Accenture Interview:-

Frequently asked questions on "How to Prepare for Accenture"?

Question 1:- Is Accenture test easy to crack?

Accenture test is comparatively tougher with the question quality being more difficult than other companies. 

Question 2:- How do I prepare for Accenture online test?

You can prepare for Accenture online test by visiting the links mentioned on this page.

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