Why Aptitude is important?

Importance of Aptitude

“Why Aptitude is important?”, a very common question among freshers. Whenever you will go for any placement exam you will see Aptitude round as the first and mandatory round of the exam. Here are few points behind this:

  • Mental Awareness
  • Accuracy
  • Problem Solving

Here you will get all the information about Importance of Aptitude in Placement Examinations.

How to Solve Aptitude Questions

Aptitude tests are conducted to test a person broadly for following skills   Firstly we need to understand the purpose of Aptitude test.
1 : Mental Alertness :

Today we live in  a very competitive world .Technology is evolving day  by day and on needs to have a sharp mind to cope up with the fast  changes .To check your alertness level you are tested against Quantitative aptitude.As we know if some have good aptitude for numbers he will definitely have a sharp mind.

2 : Problem Solving  :

Businessmen and executives have to  deal with new problems on a daily basis. A major chunk of most people are to find  solutions to conventional as well as new problems. Not everyone can do this effectively. A person with quantitative aptitude will be better equipped to handle the problems

3 :  Accuracy : 

It is also important to have accuracy in your problem solving .As we know a wrong solution gives benefit to no one .Quantitative aptitude measure one’s accuracy well.If someone cac come up with accurate answers in numbers under time pressure,than person can surely will be accurate in problem solving skills as well.

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Why do companies use Aptitude tests as a screening for freshers.

Hundreds of resumes are sent to corporate HRs each day for various jobs. How do these headhunters determine who is the best candidate for a job?

  • Other than the academic score, experience and talent, aptitude test score acts as an important criterion in judging a student’s candidature.
  • The aptitude tests allow companies to make an informed choice when it comes to hiring. They can determine a candidate’s ability to solve problems, reason, write clearly, and work well with others.
  • The aptitude test questions are constructed to assess a candidate’s ability to solve problems, reason, and write coherently under duress.
  • Finally, the aptitude test results, along with the results of the personal interview, assist employers in selecting the best applicant for the job.

Why Aptitude is considered more important than studying coding?

 If you belong to a Non-CSE branch you must be wondering what should I focus on to get  Into the corporate world We have come up  with an answer for you.Well we fully respect coding as a professional skill but it is utmost important in the case of Core Computer science students .

In case on a non CSE student one should  focus more on Aptitude as most of the companies which hire in big number in India focus more on your Aptitude part and even the core companies 

Other branches  (e.g. Civil mechanical) have an aptitude test as a first round .

So In our Suggestion you should focus more on aptitude as it will help you a lot for you placement and also to sharpen your mind and if you have a sharp mind you can acquire any skill in No time.

 You must also be wondering from where we should start our Aptitude journey .No worries

Prepinsta is here for you .We have well structured courses for which will start from basics and go upto the advanced level of aptitude.