How to get a Job in Product Based Company as a Fresher

prepare for top product based companies

How To Prepare for Top Product Based Companies?

Getting placed in a product based company is the dream of any fresher. In this page, we have discussed the strategies to keep in mind on how to prepare for product based companies, that hire in India.

On this page, you will find:-

  • Steps to Prepare For Product Based Companies
  • Hiring Process for Product Based Companies
  • Preparation Plan for Product Based Companies
  • Roadmap to prepare for Product Based Companies
  • Tips to Prepare for Product Based Companies
  • Placement Preparation For Product Based Companies

Prepare for Top Product Based Companies

Product Based Companies hire the top performers in colleges. They have a comparatively more rigorous selection criteria, and hire a selected few in their companies. The top Product Based that hire in India, include Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Cisco and more.

Product Based Companies hires majorly via On-Campus placements(especially in tier-1 colleges), Off-Campus drives and referral drives.

Steps to Prepare For Product Based Companies

what are the rounds in product based companies

Preparation Plan for Product Based Companies

How to start preparation for Product Based Companies

  • An impressive resume is the first step in preparing for Product Based Companies. 
  • Building a strong network, especially if you are from tier-2 or tier-3 colleges. Because Product Based Companies, usually hire On Campus in tier-1 colleges. Therefore having a strong network will help you get referrals and interviews in product based companies.
  • Participate in coding challenges and hackathons. A good score on Leetcode and Hackerrank increases your chances of getting shortlisted.
  • Work on projects. Product Based companies value your practical coding skills. Having projects listed on your resume gives credibility to your skills.
  • Hands-on experience is highly preferred in Product Based Companies, 

Roadmap To Prepare For Product Based Companies

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Tips To Prepare For Product Based Companies

Product Based Companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft have tedious recruitment process often consisting of multiple assessments and interview rounds. On this page, you will find all about the placement preparation methods for product based companies and how to prepare for FAANG companies.

The different rounds in Product Based Companies are:-

  • Resume Shortlisting
  • Online Assessment
    • Aptitude
    • Coding
  • Interviews
    • Technical Interview 1
    • Technical Interview 2
    • Techn0-Managerial Interview
    • HR Interview

Placement Preparation Plan For Product Based Companies

If you are looking to get placed in a Product Based Company, then follow the steps explained below. We have given complete roadmap to prepare for Top Product-Based Companies to crack a package of 15 LPA.

1. Resume Shortlisting

Resume shortlisting is the first step of Product Based companies’ placement rounds. As the package offered by these companies is high, they do not practice mass hiring. Instead, these companies only hire the best students. And in order to shortlist them, the first step is Resume Shortlisting. 

Important Tips to Build a Resume:-

  • Use a good resume format that is ATS friendly
  • Keep your resume brief incorporating only the relevant information
  • Include projects and certifications
  • Add your GitHub and portfolio link
  • Add relevant social media links like LinkedIn

2. Online Assessment

Once your resume is shortlisted, the next step is online assessments. There can be one or more than one rounds, depending on the company. This include:-

3. Technical Interview

Technical Interviews judge a candidate’s technical and practical skill. This round will test how good a candidate is with their coding skills, and determine if they are fit to work with the company or not. In Product Based Companies there are usually multiple technical interviews, each round being taken by a different interviewer. 

  • Technical Interview 1:-
    • usually another coding round
    • there will be two to three coding questions and the candidate has to solve within a time frame
  • Technical Interview 2:-
    • usually taken by a senior member of the company
    • interviewer will ask questions on programming fundamentals
  • Technical Interview 3 (not conducted in all companies):-
    • interviewer asks questions from resume
    • this includes questions from certificates, internships, etc.

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4. Managerial or Techno-Managerial Interview

This round deals with both technical as well as inter-personal skills of a candidate. The questions that can be asked in this round include but not limited to:-

  • questions on projects
  • questions on system building
  • writing algorithms and codes for problem statements
  • puzzles
  • behavioral questions
  • case-study questions
  • situational based questions

Check Questions here:- Managerial Interview Questions

5. HR Interview

HR Interview is the final round, and is conducted by a senior member of the HR Department. This round consists of questions on the candidate’s personality, educational background, leadership skills and more. Some of the most common HR Interview Questions are:-

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Skills To Develop For Product Based Companies

Product Based companies expect candidate’s to have additional skills on their resume in order to select them. This is because, in product based companies you will be working on more projects, and additional skills make you a better candidate. Some of the most popular skills that are in high demand right now are:-

FAQs on "How to Prepare for Product Based Companies"

Question: What skills are required for Product Based Companies?


Product Based companies like Google, Cisco, Amazon require you to have advanced coding skills, along with a good knowledge of aptitude and reasoning.

Question: How do I prepare for Product Based Companies interview?


  • Learn DSA
  • Prepare from top 100 codes of PrepInsta
  • Learn DBMS and SQL
  • Prepare projects and skill based certifications
  • Have a good resume

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