How to get a Job in Product Based Company as a Fresher

What do you mean by product based companies?

How to Get Placed and Prepare for Product based Companies” is most asked questions who wish to work for a product based company. You need to know few points to prepare for placement. Here are few tips and tricks on how you can achieve what most people dream of.

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  • Tips to get placed in Product based Companies
  • How to prepare for product based companies?

Tips to Get Placed in Product based Companies

Points to keep in Mind..


Resume is the first thing a recruiter will go through and they will ask questions based on your Resume.


Written Test is the first round of any company. You can easily crack this round by practicing more. PrepInsta provides provides you the best question and online class.


This Round will basically revolve around your technical knowledge and you have to be very clear with the concepts.

HR Round

If you manage to come this far, congratulations! This is probably the easiest round. They will ask you questions to check you personality.

How to prepare for product based companies?


  • Resumes should be crisp and to the point.
  • Do not put extra information.
  • Certifications stands you out above anybody else.
  • We at PrepInsta offer Nano Degree certification courses which will bosst up your resume


  • It is divided into two section, Aptitude and Coding.
  • PrepInsta provides you the best Prime Mock and Prime Video to clear the written test
  • To start off, you need to know the pattern of the company you are planing to sit for.
  • Then select the topics which you are good at and start solving them.
  • Make sure to go through the concepts of C, C++ and Java for the coding round
  • Start solving the Mock Tests


  • Now that you have cleared the written exam cones the hardest section.
  • In product based companies, there can be 2-3 technical interview rounds.
  • Other than languages, concepts of DSA, OOP, DBMS etc are very important for this round
  • PrepInsta has 100 technical interview codes ready for you along with concepts of DSA, DBMS etc
  • All companies have some common technical questions that are asked during Technical Interviews, read most asked technical questions for product based companies here: Top 50 Technical Questions for Product Based Companies.


  • Congratulations, you’re almost there.
  • Here the first impression is your last.
  • Your attitude and your confidence does all the talking here.
  • Make your introduction quite impressive.


  • Some companies take an additional group discussion round.
  • This can be an unpredictable round so you need to prepare for it.
  • Generally, the interviewer gives a point at he very moment.
  • They check your body language, communication skills etc.