How to become a Data Scientist in 2023?| Complete Roadmap

Complete Roadmap to become Data Scientist

Here on this page we will discuss about How to become a Data Scientist in 2023: Complete Roadmap, Skills required and much more.  You will also find all the important information and resources related to Data Science.

Table of Content:

  • What is Data Science?
  • Why data science ?
  • Why data science ?
  • Roadmap to become a Data Scientist.
  • Skills required to become a Data Scientist
How to become a Data Scientist 2023


Data science is the study of data with the goal of locating and obtaining relevant patterns and facts for business. To analyze massive amounts of data, this method combines the principles of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering.Huge volumes of data can be used to find patterns and make identifications that would be difficult for a human to do alone.

What is Data Science?

Data science encompasses a sophisticated and iterative approach, wherein professionals deal with extensive and intricate datasets that frequently demand advanced computational and statistical techniques for analysis.

Data scientists frequently tackle unstructured data, like text or images, and employ machine learning algorithms to construct predictive models and guide decision-making based on data. Alongside statistical analysis, data science entails essential tasks like data preprocessing, feature engineering, and model selection.

To illustrate, a data scientist might create a recommendation system for an e-commerce platform by examining user behavior patterns and utilizing machine learning algorithms to anticipate user preferences.

Who is a Data Scientist?

Anyone with the required skill set and domain knowledge can become a data scientist. There is no specific eligibility criteria to be a data scientist. However, while appearing for interviews, company may have their own eligibility criteria.

The most popular skills required for learning basics of data science are :
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization / Web Scraping
A clear and brief description of the skills in detail is mentioned below. Check out now.

Why Data Science?

The future is based on data and to survive there is a very high need of data science today which helps to gain insightful information from the data.
There are some major reasons as to why one should go for data science : –

  • The average data scientist salary is 956K/Yr
  • 62% expected increase in demand
  • Internet = Users = Data = DS Opportunity = Data Science Jobs in India
  • MNCs like Google, Microsoft ,Flipkart and Amazon on constant search for talented Data Scientists

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Skills required to become a Data Scientist in just 12 Weeks !!

  1. Maths and Statistics
  2. Programming
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Projects and Portfolio

Data Science Roadmap for 2023

Complete Roadmap for Data Scientist 2023
Data science roadmap

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4 Steps to become a Data Scientist in 2023

1. Mathematics and Statistics:

The first step towards How to become a Data Scientist 2023 is this. To become a data scientist, you must be proficient in calculations and problem-solving techniques. The ability to efficiently apply complicated data to a variety of business difficulties aids in problem solving within an organisation.


Python and the programming languages R are required. But Python is best since it is a very popular and strong programming language that has emerged as the go-to resource for data analysts. It provides a large selection of libraries and frameworks created especially for data analysis, making it a flexible and effective option.

Machine Learning:

This is the most important step in the roadmap of data science. The primary goal of machine learning is to develop algorithms that can analyze and interpret complex patterns and relationships within data, and use this knowledge to make predictions or take actions.

Data Visualization:

DI tools are extensively used by data scientists to gather, analyze, visualize, and present data to support decision-making processes. These tools provide a range of functionalities that enable data analysts to extract valuable insights from complex data sets.Visualizations help communicate insights and make data more accessible to non-technical stakeholders.

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Most Asked FAQ for How to become a Data Scientist in 2023

A strong foundation in mathematics, statistics, and programming is crucial. Proficiency in programming languages like Python or R, knowledge of statistical analysis, data manipulation, data visualization, and machine learning techniques are highly valuable in data science.

While a formal education can provide a solid foundation, it is not the only path to a career in data science. Many professionals have successfully transitioned into the field through self-study, online courses, bootcamps, or by working on practical projects and gaining experience.

Machine learning is a crucial component of data science. It involves the development of algorithms and models that enable computers to learn patterns from data and make predictions or decisions. Machine learning techniques help in solving complex problems, extracting insights, and making data-driven decisions.

Practical experience is highly valuable in data science. Working on real-world projects allows you to apply theoretical concepts, gain hands-on experience with data manipulation, analysis, and modeling, and develop problem-solving skills. It also demonstrates your abilities to potential employers.

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