How to Get Placed in Top IT Companies

How to Get Placed in Top IT Companies

To get placed in top IT Companies is now a dream for every Fresher. PrepInsta is here to help you in achieving your dream job in Top IT Companies.To get placed in Top It Companies you need to follow some points.

The common steps followed by every company while there Recruitment are-

  1. Online Written Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

For all the three rounds, you must be well prepared and well groomed. While Written Test assess your theoretical knowledge in several fields such as aptitude, verbal, logical and coding, the Interview Rounds revolve more around your practical skills and cognitive abilities. Keep all the three levels in check if you really want to get placed in your dream company. Hold our hand and we will take you across the deepest oceans.

How to Get Placed in Top IT Companies(Important Points)

Written test

Generally Written Test is the first Round for any IT Company. You need to practice more and more question for this Round. PrepInsta provides you the best practice question and Online Class.

Resume Building

Resume is the first thing which the interviewer go through while the Recruitment Process and they generally ask questions based on your Resume.

Technical Interview

This Round is considered as the toughest Round during the whole Recruitment Process. In this Round the Interviewer will basically ask you question related to Technical Background.

HR Round

This Round is considered as the easiest Round while the whole Recruitment Process. In this round they will basically ask you question to check your confidence and leadership quality.

How to get Placed in Top IT Companies
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Online Test

  • To clear this Round you need to practice more and more question.
  • PrepInsta provides you best Prime Mock and  Prime Video to clear Written Test.
  • First thing you need to know the exam and Pattern of the company for which you are preparing.
  • Then select few topics in which you are good at and start practicing question.
  • Make sure that you learn the clear and proper concept of C, C++ and Java even if you are not from CS/It background.
  • Start solving and Mock Test.

How To Get Placed in Top IT Companies- Resume Building

how to get placed in it companies

Building Attractive Resume.

The first and foremost thing that catches the yes of an interviewer is your resume. If you’ve noticed, the resume reaches the interviewer’s table even before you do. So to define in short – A resume is your first impression.

To increase your chances of getting hired and even selected for the first round of the process, having or building an attractive resume with all the right details into right places is very important.

Let’s quickly scan through its importance:

  • Lists all your skills in one place
  • Gives valid benefits that your employers can reap from your performance
  • Attractive resumes attract employers
  • Helps you to match your abilities with the job role/position
  • Increases the chances of getting hired
  • Summarizes your life in a concise and effective manner

So, once you have the best curated resume in your hand, you can be assured that your first impression on the employers is going to set right and shall last for a longer time.

How To Get Placed in Top IT Companies- Group Discussion

Freshers to get placed in Top IT Companies

Group Discussion Round.

A Group Discussion Round or G.D. helps you to showcase your communication skills and keep your opinions strongly in the forefront among other candidates. Not just ‘what you’re speaking’ but ‘how’ and ‘why’ you’re speaking matters the most here.

  • Some of the Top IT Company includes Group discussion Round as one of Round while their Recruitment Process.
  • Be Confident- Confidence is the key of success to clear this Round.
  • Be clear about your opinion and stick to your opinion.
  • Be active while the whole discussion.
  • If in any situation you don’t know anything about the topic don’t get panic. First listen to others carefully and then grab some points from them and then start putting your points.
  • Never get aggressive at any point. Always behave polite.

How To Get Placed in Top IT Companies- Technical & HR

Interview Round

  • First impression is very important during the Interview Process.
  • The first thing which interviewer notices in any of the candidate is its attitude and confidence.
  • First the interviewer go through your resume so try to make your Resume very detailed .
  • Make sure that you have all knowledge about the final year project.
  • Technical Interview is basically to check your technical knowledge.
  • HR Interview is basically to check your interest towards company your confidence and leadership.
  • Make your introduction quite impressive.

What is Technical Round?

The Technical Interview Round takes into account your technical ability or skill in accordance with the job role you are being interviewed for.

It takes the form of a hard core technical round where the interviewer dives deep into the technicalities of a system or a work area and assess your knowledge especially practical knowledge about the same.

The Technical Round, unlike HR Round, doesn’t revolve around your qualities but your aptitude and skills. So in the search of getting hired in an IT Company your technical skills need to be top notch to crack the Technical Interview Round.

You fluency and specialization in computer languages and coding is a must in this scenario. Get a good hold on these before you walk into the interview room:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • SQL
  • DBMS
  • Oops – etc…

What is HR Round?

The HR Round is self explanatory in its name. The HR head of the company acts as the head panelist for this round and scores your ability to secure a position in their company on the basis of your communication and behavior.

Being self aware in this round is very critical. This round might seem easy but can sometimes take a bad turn because a student gets too comfortable (more than needed) and spoils his/her image.

The key point or key characteristic to score five stars in this round is to be honest, aware and accept the fact that you are not perfect. Discussing about self improvements in different areas and showing valid implementations of the same can get you closer to your dream cubicle.

NOTE: Do not talk about weaknesses or drawbacks in the fields that are pivotal to your job role. That might just throw you off the ladder.

For Example: if you’re applying for the role of app developer, do not say you are weak in coding but strong in discipline. You will not be hired solely on your disciplinary methods. The primary skill of coding needs to be on top.