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Batch Operating System in OS

Batch Operating System

Batch Operating system groups jobs that perform similar type of functions. These groups are treated as a batch and are executed at the same time. A computer system with this type of operating system carries out the following activities related to batch processing:

  • A job is defined as a single unit which is made up of a predefined sequence of commands, data, and programs.
  •  These jobs are kept in a memory executing them without manual information.
  • Processing is done in the order in which they are submitted, i.e., first come first serve.
  •   The operating system releases memory of a job as soon as it is executed successfully.
  • An executed job is kept in an output spool for further printing or processing.

Batch Operating System
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Advantages of Batch Processing

  • It relieves the operator from the manual assignment of jobs.
  • These operating system offer high performance as the next job is executed as soon as the previous job is finished.

Disadvantages of Batch Processing

  • Its program is difficult to debug.
  • A job can enter into an infinite loop.
  • If a big job enters a processor, it might cause a delay for the next jobs in the queue.
  • Shorter jobs may have to wait for longer duration if a longer job enters the processor.


  • Hadoop
  • Spark

The most significant part of the Batch processing system is, it requires minimal human intervention for processing.