Inter Process Communication in Operating System (OS)

Inter Process Communication in OS

On this page we will learn about inter process communication in OS . There are two types of process – Independent processes and cooperating processes . Let’s just directly jump – in.


There are 2 types of process –

    • Independent Processes – Processes that do not share data with other processes.
    • Cooperating Processes – Processes that shares data with other processes.

The cooperating process requires Interprocess communication (IPC) mechanism.

Inter-Process Communication is the mechanism by which cooperating process share data and information.

The mechanism that will allow them to exchange data and information are the following:

    • Shared memory    
    • Message Passing
Inter process Communication


Let’s look at few of the important points of each .

Shared Memory

  1. A particular region of memory is shared between cooperating process.
  2. Cooperating process can exchange information by reading and writing data to this shared region.
  3. It’s faster than Memory Parsing, as Kernel is required only once, that is, setting up a shared memory . After That, kernel assistance is not required.
Inter process Communication – 2

Message Parsing

  1. Communication takes place by     exchanging messages directly between cooperating process.
  2. Easy to implement
  3. Useful for small amount of data.
  4. Implemented using System     Calls, so takes more time than Shared Memory.
Inter process Communication – 1

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