Puzzle on Last Palindrome Date Before 10/02/2001

Puzzle on Palindrome

Solve the Puzzle on last palindrome date before 10/02/2001.
This is a palindrome (same forwards as backwards) puzzle. And the task is to find last palindrome date before 10/02/2001.

Premise – The date in MM/DD/YYYY format on October 2, 2001 was a palindrome, 10/02/2001 -> “10022001”.

Rule – Th date should be same forwards as backwards.

Objective – Before 10/02/2001, when was the last palindrome date?

To Find last palindrome date before 10/02/2001.

Solution for the Date

As the given puzzle on last palindrome date gives us a hint that the year can only have one palindrome because the year also determines the month and day, the year must be smaller than 2001, as we already have the palindrome for 10/02.

  • It can’t be any year in 1900 since that would result in a day of 91, nor can it be any year from 1800 to 1400 because that would result in a day of 91.
  • Because it is the 31st day of the year 1300, it may be a year.
  • So, what is the most recent year in 1300 that equals a month?
  • When you first glance at it, you might think of the 12th month, but since we need to locate the most recent date, it appears to be 1321.
  • But we must remember that we want the maximum year in the 1300 century with a legitimate date, so let’s consider 1390, which would give us a date of 09/31, is this a suitable date…?
  • Because September only has 30 days, the 31st of August will be the last day.

The result of Puzzle on Last Palindrome Date, the actual date is 08/31/1380.

Detailed step-Wise solution for Last Palindrome Date puzzle