Classic Lateral Thinking Puzzle

Puzzle on Lateral Thinking

It is a classic lateral thinking puzzle in which the problem can have both mathematical and logical approaches.

Premise – In front of you, there are two glasses. One glass is filled with coke, while the other is filled with lemonade.

Rule – You put a tablespoon of coke in a glass of lemonade and stir it around. The lemonade glass now contains a mix of coke and lemonade. You put a teaspoon of that mixture into the coke glass and mix it.

Objective – What amount of coke and lemonade is in the respective glasses?

Puzzle on Classic Lateral Thinking

This classic lateral thinking puzzle can be solved using both algebra and logical reasoning. We’ll show you how this is theoretically conceivable.

  • It might be any quantity that was present at the start, as well as any liquid.
  • We are aware that we have transferred a tablespoon from one glass to another.
  • Then, we transferred a tablespoon from the other glass to the first glass.
  • As a result, the amount of liquid in either glass remains the same at the end of the process.

As a result, we can deduce that any coke that is missing in the coke glass will be present in the lemonade glass.

Additionally, the same amount of lemonade will be missing. It will be present in the coke glass after it has been removed from the lemonade glass. 

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