Puzzle on the Idler

The Idler Puzzle

It is a puzzle on the idler – Ram Lakhan was well-known in his neighborhood for being a very lethargic individual. When he went looking for a job as a farmhand, everyone turned him down except farmer Gulab Singh, who was a brilliant man. 

  • Premise – Ram Lakhan was hired by Gulab Singh for a monthly pay of Rs. 240 for 30 days.
  • Rules – He stipulated that he would forfeit Rs. 10 for each day he sat inactively. Ram Lakhan agreed to take the position It was noticed after a month that neither of them owed the other anything. It taught Ram Lakhan a valuable lesson.
  • Objective – Can you determine how many days Ram Lakhan worked and how many days he sat around doing nothing?
Puzzle on the Idler

Solution for the Idler

As per the given premise and rule, let us attempt to find the number of days in which Ram Lakhan worked and the number of days he sat inactively.

So, Ram Lakhan’s salary was decided to be Rs. 240 for a month of 30 days. This makes it Rs. 8 each day.

Now, when as we know none owned anything to one another.

Therefore, the concept to apply the logic is:-

Hence, he must have worked for 16\frac {2}{3} days which means he earned money = Rs. 133.33

And he must have idled for 13\frac {1}{3} and lost money = Rs. 133.33.

This makes a situation where Gulab Singh and Ram Lakhan owned nothing to one another.

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