Mphasis Recruitment Process 2024

Mphasis Recruitment Process for Freshers 2024

Here on this page, you will find detailed information about Mphasis Recruitment Process 2023 for Freshers.

Mphasis mainly hires freshers for the role of Associate Software Engineer. Go through the page in detailed to know more about Mphasis Recruitment Process 2024.

Mphasis Recruitment Process 2023

Mphasis Recruitment Process 2024 For Freshers

Eligible StreamBE/B. Tech/MCA graduates from Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication, Telecommunication and Electrical & Electronics branches
BacklogNo active Backlog
Percentage Criteria60% 0r 6.3 cgpa throughout the academics
Job ProfileAssociate Software Engineer

Steps for Mphasis Recruitment Process 2024

The Recruitment Process of Mphasis for the Batch 2024 is held in several steps. They are as follows :

  1. Online Test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Technical Interview 
  4. HR Interview

Online Test

The Recruitment Process of Mphasis starts with an Online Test having sections like :

  • Quants 
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Computer Programming
SectionsNo. of Questions
Quants25 Questions
Logical Reasoning25 Questions
Verbal Ability25 Questions
Computer Programming 20 Questions
SVAR Test 50 – 52 Questions

Group Discussion

This Round is an optional round which means this round varies college to college. In few college GD Round is there and in few college no GD Round. But still you need to be prepared for any option.

This round is mainly about how you react to other people opinions and how you work in team. You will be given one statement and you will have to present your opinion on that statement respecting other people opinions.


After one clears the Online Test for Mphasis, he/she will get a notification about the Interview Round along with the schedule. The interview is divided into 2 rounds mainly. They are: 

  1. Technical Interview
  2. HR Interview

Detailed Analysis of Mphasis Test Pattern 2024

Round – Online Exam

Like other companies, Mphasis also starts its Recruitment Drive with an Online Exam consisting of several sections; the first one being the Logical part followed by others. The sections are: 

  1. Logical Reasoning – From this section, the recruiters can analyze the analytical and logical skills of a candidate.
  2. Quants – If you are well versed with the basics of Aptitude, you can easily clear this section.
  3. Verbal Ability – From this section, the recruiters can assess the grammatical skills of a candidate. 
  4. Computer Programming– This section is mainly used to test the Coding skills and the Technical knowledge one gains in their 3-4 years of graduation.

All about Mphasis Online Test 2024

Mphasis Test TopicsNo. of QuestionsSuggested Average Time
Logical Reasoning2535
Computer Programming2025
Total95 ques120 min

Round- Technical Interview

After a student clears the 1st Round of Mphasis Recruitment Drive with the desirable cut-off, he/she will be asked to sit for the Interview Round

In Technical Interview, a student is asked about:

  • The Technical subjects which are mentioned on the CV.
  • Final Year Projects
  • Internship (if done)

So, be clear with the subjects you are putting on your CV. 

Round – HR Interview

This is another round of Interviews. HR Interview is mainly conducted by most companies to test how a candidate reacts in any given situation. The grammatical and vocabulary skills of a candidate are also analyzed in this round itself. 

Few common questions asked in HR Interviews are :

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Any problem with relocation?
  3. Why Mphasis?

For more such questions, you are free to visit our HR Interview Preparation Dashboard. 

Additional Information about Mphasis Recruitment Process 2024

1. The company has come up with the role of Associate Software Engineer (ASE).
2. The package of Associate Software Engineer is around 3.5 LPA. (During Training Period)
3. Based on your overall performance students will be selected for the role.
4.PAN Card is very important. All the student should have pan card at the time of registering for Mphasis.
5.One of the Eligibility criterias is one should have a 60% throughout the academics without any backlogs in graduation. 

Note: These are basic information and may vary. 

About Mphasis

Mphasis Group, a global, multicultural organization specializes in providing a suite of application development and maintenance services, infrastructure outsourcing services, and business & knowledge process outsourcing solutions to clients around the world.

  • Headquartered in Bangalore, India
  • Founded in June 2000
  • CEO – Nitin Rakesh (29 Jan 2017– Present)
  • Founders – Jerry Rao, Jeroen Tas
Mphasis Recruitment Process 2021 For Freshers

FAQs on Mphasis Recruitment Process 2024

What are the steps in Mphasis Recruitment Process?

One needs to register at first for sitting in the Recruitment Drive for Mphasis. Then you will get a mail with a link to appear for the Online Test followed by rounds of interviews

Which is the most important section in Mphasis Online Exam?

Each and every section is equally important in Mphasis Online Exam. You need to have a good hold on the Aptitude part to clear the 1st Round and sit for the interview.

Where can I get the previous Year Papers of Mphasis Online Exam?

You can get all the previous year’s questions along with some extra questions similar to Mphasis pattern on our Mphasis Dashboard. Without delay, check that and grab the job!

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