mPhasis Interview Questions and Answers

Latest mPhasis Interview Questions and Answers

You will not find anything related to mPhasis Interview Questions for Freshers 2021, most of the websites will either provide HR Questions or technical questions and even these questions are not from Infosys Interview, they just put some random questions on their pages.

On this page you will find actual mPhasis interview questions that are shared by the students who gave mPhasis Interview.

On this page you will find the following –

  • mPhasis Coding Interview Questions (Coding Programs in C/C++)
  • mPhasis HR Interview Round Questions

Elegibility Criteria for mPhasis Interview Round

mphasis interview criteria
  • Students from all the branches pursuing B.E/B. Tech is eligible.
  • Minimum 60 percent or 6.3 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on a scale of 10 is mandatory for students to participate in our hiring process
  • Students must not have any active backlog(s) at the time of application to Mphasis or during onboarding
  • Students are allowed a maximum of one-year gap in education
  • Students applying in Mphasis must be Indian citizens
  • Minimum 55% and above is considered for the Maharashtra students to participate in hiring process.
  • All other foreign nationals require work visa or an Overseas Citizenship of India(OCI) or Person of India Origin(PIO) card to work in India
  • Must have basic computer programming skills

mPhasis Interview Pattern for 2021

mPhasis also follows Interview structure like any other company. The process is as follows –

  • Written Round
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

As mPhasis is an IT services company, they don’t discriminate between non-CS/IT students and CS-IT Students. They will ask Coding and C/OOPS Technical Questions from Non CS-IT branches also. They will obviously expect you to know coding.

Syllabus for Interview

  • C/OOPS/ C++ or Java (all branches)
  • Coding Questions (all branches)
  • OS/CN/Software Engineering/DBMS (CS/IT branches)
  • Project specific theory from Resume(all Branches)

mPhasis Technical Interview Dashboard

On this dashboard you will find Technical questions asked by Infosys in first round of interview.

For CS/IT branches

  1. Approx 40% time for C/OOPS/ C++ or Java
  2. 30% time for Coding questions(Find Coding Dashboard below)
  3. 20% time Core CS subjects like CN/DBMS/Software Engineering
  4. 10% time for final year Project based questiosn

For non-CS-IT Branches

  1. 50% time for C/OOPS/C++ or Java
  2. 30% time for Coding Questions(Find Coding Dashboard below)
  3. 10% time on Project Diagrams, theory, definitions
  4. 20% time for theory related to subject of your final year project

Mostly, for non-CS/IT people, the interviewer may not be from your branch he will google questions from the subject your project is related to. So, make sure that you visit first few pages of related subject to your project.

mPhasis HR Interview Dashboard

mPhasis rules out a lot of people in the HR round, unlike many companies where if you clear the technical round 95% probability is that you’re selected.

But, not in mPhasis, they rule about 30-40% people in the HR round.

On this dashboard you will find the most asked HR interview Questions asked in Infosys.

Interview Questions for mPhasis Freshers Facts -

Student Interview Experience

  1. Candidate Details
  2. Name: Kunal Joshi
  3. Branch: CSE
  4. College: SRM University, Delhi
  5. Type of Interview: Off-Campus (4.0 LPA)

Student Interview

Recently, I registered for Mphasis off-campus recruitment drive. The eligibility criteria for this drive was minimum 60% throughout academic career with no existing backlogs. The selection process had three rounds:

  • Written Test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Round 1- Written Test

Mettl hosted the written test for Mphasis. The written test had three sections:

  • Quantitative Aptitude: 25 questions
  • Logical Reasoning: 25 questions
  • Verbal Ability: 25 questions
  • Computer Programming: 20 questions
  • Time allotted: 120 minutes
  • Total marks: 100 with no negative marking.

When I was solving the questions I got to see similar ones posted on PrepInsta which clicked many solutions in my mind and then I tried to answer every question feeling confident that they would be right. Cut-off for the Mphasis written test was 75 percentile. I cleared the cut-off and therefore, was eligible for the subsequent rounds.

Round 2-Technical Interview

The technical interviewer was very humble, still I was nervous for the first time. But as soon as our conversation began I was communicating freely with him. He was asking questions on the fundamentals of JAVA, DBMS, C etc. and my major & minor project.

Q1. What is the basic structure of a C++ program?


int main()
cout<< “Hello,World!”;
return 0;

Q2. Give an example program of while loop.


Example for while loop:

#include <iostream.h>
int main()
int n;
cout<<”Enter the number : “;
cout<<” “<<n;
cout<<”While loop complete”;

Q3. Write a program in C for Fibonacci series.


#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main () {
int r=0,a=0,n,b=1,i,c;
char redo;
do {
printf("enter the the value of n:");
scanf("%d", &n);
if(n>100) {
printf("enter some lessor value\n");
else {
for (i=0;i<=n;i++)
printf("serial no.%d => ", i+1);
printf("enter y or Y to continue:");
scanf("%s", &redo);
return 0;

Q4. What will be the output of the following code?

#include <iostream>
class A {
A() {}
~A() {
throw 42;
int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {
try {
A a;
throw 32;
} catch(int a) {
std::cout << a;

Ans. This set of code if runs then it will crash or stop as it will throw 32 error as class A is a destroyer and will throw another exception while exception handling which will cause the program to crash.

Q5. Write a program to display current date and time.


#include <ctime>
using namespace std;

int main()
time_t t = time(NULL);
tm* timePtr = localtime(&t);

cout << "seconds= " << (timePtr->tm_sec) << endl;
cout << "minutes = " << (timePtr->tm_min) << endl;
cout << "hours = " << (timePtr->tm_hour) << endl;
cout << "day of month = " << (timePtr->tm_mday) << endl;
cout << "month of year = " << (timePtr->tm_mon)+1 << endl;
cout << "year = " << (timePtr->tm_year)+1900 << endl;
cout << "weekday = " << (timePtr->tm_wday )<< endl;
cout << "day of year = " << (timePtr->tm_yday )<< endl;
cout << "daylight savings = " <<(timePtr->tm_isdst )<< endl;
cout << endl;
cout << endl;
cout << "Date " <<(timePtr->tm_mday)<<"/"<< (timePtr->tm_mon)+1 <<"/"<< (timePtr->tm_year)+1900<< endl;
cout << "Time " << (timePtr->tm_hour)<<":"<< (timePtr->tm_min)<<":"<< (timePtr->tm_sec) << endl;
return 0;

I was pretty affirmative that all the answers were correct. Mainly, the interviewer was testing my understanding for programming and my communication skills. So, my correct answers helped me to clear this round, and then I was sent for the HR interview.

Round 3-HR Interview

HR round was the most simple round that I faced. I was asked to sit and was offered a glass of water. The interviewer asked questions related to my family, friends, hobbies, likes, and dislikes such as:

  • What is your favorite dish?
  • Why do you want to join this company?
  • Are you aware of the collaboration of companies with Mphasis?
  • What do you know about the Mphasis?
  • Where do you see yourself in next 4-5 years?

Then the interviewer asked if I was agreeing to relocate and night shifts. The interview was summed up within 25 minutes and I was very confident and happy of my performance. Then at last I asked the interviewer that when will I get my result, he told that you will be notified of the result online. At noon after four days of my interview I was checking the online list generated for selection by the company and when I saw my name listed I jumped out of joy.

To extensively prepare for the mPhasis Interview Round kindly visit our Interview Preperation dashboard by clicking the link below.

mPhasis Vs other Mass hiring Companies Interview Process Comparison

  1. Technical
    1. mPhasis like TCS, likes to go in Technical details of your Branch Projects, definitions, diagrams, code etc
    2. Other companies like Cognizant and Accenture specifically like to keep it non technical and focus more on English.
  2. Duration of Interview
    1. While in Accenture and CTS the duration of Interview is around 15 mins
    2. For Infosys it ranges anywhere between 25 mins to 40 mins
  3. Coding Questions
    1. Companies like Accenture and Deloitte don’t ask coding questions at all
    2. But, Infosys, Wipro will ask you basic coding questions like Palindrome, pattern printing etc even if you’re from Non CS IT round. You will find Coding Questions asked in mPhasis on our mPhasis Coding Interview Dashboard here.
  4. C / OOPS Questions
    1. mPhasis just like TCS, does ask C / OOPS concept to all Branches. Well, you’re applying to an IT company they expect you to know a little about C / OOPS theory.
    2. Companies like Accenture, Deloitte don’t ask C / OOPS concept. But, their training is very difficult, so even if you get selected. You need to learn all about coding and technical aspects
  5. Freedom of Topic Selection
    1. All bulk companies give freedom of topic selection to you, generally the interviewer will ask you the favourite subject and will ask questions from that, or will ask you the questions from topics, chapters and projects mentioned in your Resume.