Hexaware Premier Graduate Engineer Trainee (PGET)

Hexaware Premier Graduate Engineer Trainee 2024

Hexaware has introduced Premier Graduate Engineer Trainee Questions and Answers from 2024 exam. This exam has an additional coding section which comes between Aptitude and Communication section.

Hexaware Premier Graduate Engineer Trainee practice questions and answers are discussed in this page along with detailed sectional analysis, like difficulty level, importance etc.

Hexaware Premier Graduate Engineer Trainee

Hexaware Premier Graduate Trainee Exam Pattern

Hexaware SectionNo of QuestionsTotal TimeDifficulty LevelImportance
Quants2060 mins(shared)MediumHigh
Logical2060 mins(shared)MediumHigh
Verbal2060 mins(shared)MediumHigh
  • Pseudo Code: 15 ques
  • Computer Fundamentals: 15 ques
30 minsHighHigh

2 Ques

40 minsHighHigh

Premier Graduate Trainee Exam Details

92 Question

Total Question

130 minutes

Total Time




Negative Marking

Hexaware Premier Graduate Engineer Trainee Curriculum 2024

Hexaware Premier Graduates Engineer Trainee Test Pattern 2024


Hexaware Premier Graduate Engineer Traninee Interview Experience

Name: Aanshik Kumar

College: RCC Institute of Engineering and Technology

Batch: 2023

Branch: Information Technology

This is my interview experience for Hexaware. I recently interviewed for Hexaware for the GET profile. I applied for the drive from the superset platform and got the link for the online assessment.

Online Assessment:-

It was 75 minutes long and was divided into aptitude and technical questions. There were no coding questions asked in this round.
The first section was 45 minutes long and had 45 questions from numerical, verbal and logical ability. The second section was 30 minutes long and had pseudo codes and computer fundamentals.


This round is only included in PGET test pattern and not in GET.

This section included 2 coding question one of moderate difficulty and another of little higher difficulty to be answered in 60 mins.

Communication Assessment:-

This was a 45 minutes long round and had questions testing our speaking and listening skills. The questions were very easy. They would give some sentences which we had to read out loud. Also there would be some topics on which we have to speak.

Technical Interview:-

This was conducted two days after the communication round. My interview was around 30 minutes and the interviewer asked a lot of questions from my project and internships. Some of the questions included:-

  1. Introduce yourself.
    Tell me about one of your projects.
  2. What was your experience like while working on this project?
  3. Did you have any trouble working with your team members?
  4. What was your role while making this project?

Then he asked me about my internship.

  1. Tell me about the organization where you were doing your internship.
  2. What were your day to day activities during this internship?
  3. What technologies did you worked on?
  4. What was your biggest takeaway from this internship?

He also asked me some questions on java and dbms.

HR Interview

The last round was the HR interview. It was a brief interview around 20-25 minutes. The interviewer asked for my id proof and also about my school and college marks. He also asked me some questions like:-

  1. Are you comfortable with night shifts?
  2. After the training period, are you ready to relocate?
  3. Do you know what services Hexaware provides?
  4. Who is the CEO of Hexaware?

These were all the questions from this round. After the interview, the interviewer told me to wait for a few days for the results. I got the email one week later that I was selected.


Total no. of Questions


Time Allotted


Hexaware Premier Graduate Engineer Trainee FAQ's

How Hexaware PGET and GET Job profiles are different?

 Hexaware PGET stands for Premier Graduate Engineer Trainee which is higher position than GET and offers a package of 6 lpa whereas GET only offer upto 4 lpa.

Hexaware PGET also includes Coding section in it’s exam.

What is the exam pattern of Hexaware PGET exam 2024?

Hexaware PGET exam pattern 2024:

  1. Resume Shortlisting
  2. Aptitude Test
  3. Coding Test
  4. Communication Test
  5. Technical Interview
  6. HR Interview

What is the benefit of giving Hexaware PGET 2024?

 PGET is higher level exam conducted by Hexaware, and because it is higher level exam, you get hired at higher position and also get a high package of 6 LPA.

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