DXC Communication Assessment 2024

DXC Communication Assessment 

The DXC Communication Assessment 2024 also known as DXC SVAR Conversational Round page provides current details on communication patterns and testing procedures. This evaluation assesses how well someone uses speaking, writing, and nonverbal methods to convey information effectively. It looks at skills like speaking, listening, and interaction, aiming to identify strengths and areas for improvement in communication abilities.


DXC Communication Assessment Parameters

What is DXC SVAR Conversational Round ?

The DXC Communication Test primarily aims to assess an individual’s proficiency in employing spoken, written, and nonverbal techniques for conveying information, encompassing the SVAR communicational aspects: Spoken English, Verbal fluency, Articulation clarity, and Response effectiveness. This evaluation revolves around four key parameters, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of communication skills.

It is a communication test that will assess you on the below parameters:-

  1. Spoken English
  2. Verbal Communication 
  3. Articulation 
  4. Response

To grasp the dimensions of Communication Assessment, it’s important to familiarize yourself with certain verbal concepts.

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Details of DXC SVAR Conversational Test 2024:

LevelRound 6
Elimination Yes

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DXC Communication Assessment Topics : Do's and Don'ts



  • Test Equipment: Check your tech in advance – camera, mic, internet.
  • Quiet Space: Choose a noise-free, well-lit area.
  • Follow Instructions: Read and follow task instructions.
  • Clear Speaking: Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Time Management: Stick to time limits for each task.
  • Materials Ready: Keep a notepad for notes.


  • Last-Minute Prep: Test early, avoid tech surprises.

  • Reading Notes: Use notes as prompts, not scripts.

  • Fast Talking: Speak at a moderate pace.

  • Ignoring Time: Respect time limits.

  • Overediting: Be natural, not overly rehearsed.

  • Distractions: Minimize noise and put away your phone.

DXC Communication Assessment Information


Section 1 – Dialogue Communication

  • In this section you might be given a prompt or a situation that requires you to engage. Dialogue communication typically involves a structured conversation where participants engage in back-and-forth interactions following a specific topic or scenario.
  • You have to create your dialogues according to the prompt and have to be concise and meaningful 5 dialogues will be given to you, you have to think and create your sentences accordingly.


Scenario: Restaurant Reservation

Prompt: You are a customer named Sarah and want to make reservations for four people on Saturday evening around 7 pm at a hotel. You have one person with gluten intolerance.


Section 2 – Speaking the Sentence

  • This Section primarily tests your reading comprehension. It evaluates how well you understand written language, including aspects like word pronunciation and language fluency.
  •  During the assessment, you’ll be presented with five sentences one by one. Your task is to read them aloud with clear and fluent delivery. 
  • This process aims to assess your ability to articulate and comprehend written content effectively.

Tip: Scan sentences, spot tricky words, practice them quickly. Boost confidence for smoother delivery.


Section 3 – Listening

  • This section is designed to assess your capacity to comprehend spoken information accurately. In this exercise, you will encounter audio clips or spoken passages that will be played only once. 
  • Your task is to carefully listen to the provided information and then answer questions that follow. 
  • This exercise aims to enhance your listening skills, including your ability to catch key details, grasp the main ideas, and extract relevant information from spoken content.
  • Length of the sentences can vary between 30-40 words.

Tip: Sentence will only read once so listen carefully and use a earphone or put on speaker full volume.


Section 4 – Topic Speaking

  •  This Section is designed to evaluate your ability to think on your feet, organize your thoughts quickly, and communicate effectively within a limited timeframe.
  • In this section, you will be presented with a specific topic or prompt, and you’ll have a short period, usually around 30 seconds, to prepare your thoughts on the topic.
  • After the preparation time, you will then have approximately 45 seconds to speak about the topic coherently and convincingly.

Tip: Take a notepad and a pen, write some key points on a notepad , and be confident while speaking don’t hesitate while speaking


Section 5 – Verbal fill in the Blanks

  • This section is designed to assess your ability to comprehend spoken sentences and complete them with the correct words or phrases. In this exercise, you will listen to sentences that have certain parts missing, often indicated by blanks.
  • Your task is to listen carefully to the provided audio and accurately fill in the missing words to complete the sentences.
  • This section is particularly focus on your grammar, listening skills, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

Tip: Sit in a quite place, use head phones, be attentive while listening to the sentence

To grasp Communication Assessment, understand key verbal principles, grasp concepts like spoken language, and communication dynamics. This familiarity aids in appreciating how effective communication skills are evaluated across various dimensions.

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FAQs on DXC Communication Assessment 2024

Can I listen to the sentence more than once to fill in the blanks accurately?

No, the sentence will be played only once, so listen carefully to fill in the blanks accurately.

Will there be any elimination for this round of assessment?

Yes, this is an elimination round. All the round in DXC test is an Elimination round.

Can I prepare my dialogues beforehand for the "Dialogues" section?

The dialogues are usually provided to you, and you’ll need to respond based on the given prompts. It’s meant to assess your ability to engage in spontaneous conversation.