DXC Recruitment Process 2021

DXC Recruitment Process For Freshers 2020-21

  1. DXC Technology is an American multinational IT service company and has specialization in providing the best IT consultation across the world.
  2. It has its headquarters located in Tysons Corner, Virginia, U.S.
  3. There are n number of aspirants who have got placed in this company and got a successful career. It enhances the growth in your career when you work with DXC. 
  4. DXC Recruitment Process 2020-21 contains 6 rounds.

Please study the complete dashboard in order to get thorough knowledge of DXC Recruitment Process 2020. 

DXC Recruitment Process DesignationIT Developer / Engineer
Does DXC recruits every year?Yes, they recruit every year.
DXC Recruitment Process is easy or difficult?It depends upon the candidate how they prepare If they prepare through PrepInsta it would be really helpful and easy for them.
Do we need to pay for DXC exam registrationNo, there is no registration charge for the exam
What is the date for DXC driveYou will be notified through PrepInsta website
DXC technology recruitment process 2019-20

Common Recruitment Process Steps followed by DXC Technology:-

DXC Recruitment ProcessNumber of QuestionsTotal Time
English12 Question15 minutes
Logical Ability14 Question14 minutes
Quantitative Ability16 Question16 minutes
Writex Pro (Essay Writing)1 Topic20 minutes
Computer Programming12 Question15 minutes
Automata Fix7 Question 20 minutes

DXC Recruitment Process Outline 2020-21:-

Round 1-

DXC Technology Online Test  it was earlier used to happen via cocubes and now it is happening via AMCAT. In this round, you will get questions from Quants, Logical, Verbal and technical. You might get some of the programming questions or MCQs.

Candidates willing to appear for this exam need to buckle up and start preparing from Prepinsta as we have got the precise Curriculum.

For more details you can visit here – DXC Online Written Test

Round 2- 

The second round is the coding round which includes 2 to 3 C/C++ /OOPS programming questions. You are eligible for this round only if you clear the 1st round which is an online test. You will be required to practice these topics as these are important you might get questions from other topics.

  1. Fibonacci Series
  2. Even/Odd
  3. Pattern questions 
  4. For loop/While loop

Round 3-

This round basically happens to check candidates technical skills, how much equipped the candidate is with the technical skills which they are going to use. Candidate should prepare all the technical curriculum which is there for the company.

Round 4-

This is the easiest round one can imagine. Here they will drill upon your working comfort. How flexible are you adapting the change? They will ask you some questions about your personal life and will be telling you many things about their company. The interviewer will check your grammar and communication too.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • How many members are there in your family?
  • How comfortable you are in relocating?
  • Are you ok with 24/7?

DXC Written Test

Q1- In how many ways can 34 people be divided into 17 couples?

  1. (34!)/{(17!)^17 (2!)}
  2. (34!)/{(2!)^17 (17!)}
  3. (34!)/ {(2!)(17!)}
  4. Data Inadequate

Correct option is 2

Short cut how many ways n people be divided into n/2 couples
(n!)/{(2!)n/2 (n/2)!} so ans is b. (34!)/{(2!)17 (17!)}

Q2- A right pyramid having rectangular base of dimensions 15 m x 6 m and height of 10 m will have capacity of:

  1. 200 cm^{3}
  2. 300 cm^{3}
  3. 165 cm^{3}
  4. 250 cm^{3}

Correct option is 2

Capacity = length*breadth +breadth*height +height*length

= 15*6+6*10+10*15

= 90+60+150

= 300cm^{3}

Q3-Pick the odd one out from the given options.

  1. 133
  2. 119
  3. 91
  4. 105

correct option is 4

On dividing all the numbers with 7, we get the quotient as a prime number except 105 which on dividing by 7 gives 15 as quotient which can further divided

Q4- Which declarations are required in a Java program?

  1. There should be a main function
  2. There should be a class
  3. There should be a class and a main funtion
  4. None of these

Correct Answer is 3

There should be a class and a main function

Q5- After compilation of a Java program which code generated?

  1. Executable code(.exe)
  2. Assembly code(.asm)
  3. Object code(.obj)
  4. Byte Code(.class)

Correct Answer is 4

Byte Code (.class)

After compilation class file (Byte code) generated.

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