Cognizant Coding Questions

Cognizant Coding Questions For Coding Round

Cognizant programming test Questions are of moderate difficulty, in this section since a third party hosts the round it is of moderate to high difficulty. So, practicing all the questions below is highly recommended, if you do so then CTS Coding Questions and Answers can be a cakewalk. This sections is also popularly known as Cognizant Automata Questions Round, Cognizant Automata Round section in Programming Test of CTS generally has a time limit of 1 hour or 1 hour 30 mins depending on difficulty of the given Cognizant Online Programming Questions to the student. We will suggest reading the CTS Programming Questions FAQ section at the end of the page as well. We think about 60% of the students appearing for Cognizant Coding Questions don’t clear this round of Cognizant Coding Test and are eliminated before the interview round.

  • 1 medium difficulty Question
  • 1 hard Question

Free Section –

Cognizant Coding Questions

Here you will find all Practise Cognizant coding questions and CTS programming questions.

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Cognizant Programming Questions with Solutions

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CTS Coding Problems Pattern and Syllabus

  • Number of Questions – 2 Questions
  • Difficulty Level – 1 Easy + 1 Medium
  • Cut-off – Solve 1 question completely or 2 partial outputs
  • Cognizant Level 2 Coding Test – Yes

Cognizant Programming OutPut based Questions (HARD)

Please also comment below new questions that you go in exams we will provide solutions and it them here.

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Cognizant Coding Test for Automata (Easy)

Here are some Facts about Cognizant Coding Round Questions section – 

Cognizant Coding TestDifficulty LevelSuggested time to solveCut off
Type 1 QuestionMedium – High30 – 35 minsFull or Partial Output
Type 2 QuestionLow10 – 20 minsFull output
Type 3 QuestionHard – Not asked anymore1 hourPartial Output or Full

Cognizant Coding Round Test for Online Test Based FAQ’s

Ques. What are most general questions asked in this test?

Ans. Most questions are pattern based programs like trapezium pattern or star pattern.

Ques. How many Questions are asked in Cognizant Coding Round Test?

Ans. There are two Questions asked in CTS Coding section, one is of medium difficulty and the other one is of high difficulty level.

Ques. Which company conducts this round for CTS?

Ans. A third party Azpiring Minds has been conducting all the sections for CTS since a very long time. We have included all the practise and must do questions in the Sections of the Cognizant Dashboard from where you can study for Programming Test of CTS Placements from Cognizant programming test questions and answers.

CTS Programming Questions Specific FAQ’s

Cognizant Programming Questions by YearNo. of QuestionsLanguages allowedCut off
20150NoneTop 40%
20162C, C++Top 40%
20170NoneTop 40%
20182C, C+, Java, C#Top 30%


Ques. How many Questions will be there in cognizant coding test?

Ans. In cognizant coding test there will two questions to be solved within 1 hour.

Ques. Which Languages can we use in the Coding test?

Ans. You can use any the following language – C or C++ or Java.

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