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CGI Recruitment Process and Latest Process 2020 (Updated)

CGI Recruitment Process 2020

Are you looking for CGI Recruitment Process 2020. You will find everything that you need to know on this page about CGI Recruitment Process for Freshers.Prepinsta provide you all the details about the whole process and study material. CGI Recruitment process 2020 batch has started and you will find all the details over here.

Note: Click here to visit Main Dashboard

  • Aptitude Assessment
    • Aptitude
    • Logical
    • Verbal
  • Computer Programming Round
  • Coding Round
Hexaware Aptitude prepinsta questions

Aptitude Assessment

Round2Group Discussion
The Technical Interview
Round4HR Round

CGI Recruitment Process and Procedure 2020

Round – 1

Online Written Test

The Online Test is conducted by the CGI Own portal. There is Quants, Verbal, Logical,Computer Programming and Coding section. you can study from PrepInsta all the materials are provided.

CGI Recruitment Process 2020 has 5 Rounds of Selection Process:

  • Quants Round
  • Verbal Round
  • Logical Round
  • Computer Programming Round
  • Coding Round

The Table below will help you to understand the No of Questions and Time Allotted in Each of the Sections

CGI 2020 Recruitment Process Number of QuestionsTimeNegative Marking
Quants1420 minNo
Verbal1818 minNo
Logical1416 minNo
Computer Programming2525 minNo
Coding245 minNo

Round – 2

Group Discussion   

CGI is hiring at various campuses all over India. The integral part of CGI campus recruitment process is Group Discussion. CGI Just check you speaking skill and the confidence level. so, build by practicing.

People who take the GD Round will analyze the student’s interpersonal skills. Our topic was “Impact of Social media on students.” You willl be provided 10-20 minutes to discuss the given topic. The interviewer will be looking for the candidates who spoke more relevant points with confidence.


  • Take your time to think about the given topic.
  • Do take pen and paper to write few pointers about the topic.
  • Listen to others too and then try to speak in fluent English.
  • Be confident and have a mild smile while discussing the topic with other candidates.


  • Don’t speak randomly without a plan and structure.
  • Don’t be arrogant, overaggressive or vain.
  • Don’t show a lack of attention or energy.
  • Don’t look at only the key speakers in the discussion.
  • Don’t condemn or severely criticize anyone’s view point.

Note : You will be awarded plus point if you begin or end the topic with a conclusion on which others candidates agree too.

Round – 3

Technical Interview

The Technical Interview is mainly to test the knowledge of the students. All the computer fundamental and Programming Knowledge of the students are tested in this round.

After successfully clearing the Round- 2 of CGI Hiring Process, the selected students are called up for the Technical Interview Round of CGI Recruitment Process which is the Round – 3. In this round the students can expect the questions like these:

  1. Explain about the Final Year Project – This is the area where students should discuss  each and every step about how he made his final year project. Student should be able to explain every technology used and what the project is about and why he chose this project. This is very important in the CGI Selection Process.
  2. Basic Coding Questions-  Knowledge of  Coding on C Programming & DSA is must for the CS/IT students for clearing the CGI Selection Process.
  3. Knowledge of Company Based Latest Technologies – The Knowledge of the latest Tools and Innovations help boost your chances of successfully clearing CGI Hiring Process.

Round – 4

Hr Interview

After clearing , so much of the technical rounds and tests this is the Final Round. The Hr round is easy to clear, they mainly ask Basic details on yourself and the general details. In this round students can be asked about the following questions:

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • Where do see yourself in coming 5 years?
  • Tell me something about the company and its CEO?
  • Why CGI?
  • Are you comfortable in the location of the job?
  • What salary do you expect?

CGI Recruitment Process and Latest Process Based FAQ's

Question : Does CGI Recruitement Process is through any Specific Exam?

Answer : Yes, CGI recruitment process is through eLitmus and may also use another Platform. For any such information please visit PrepInsta website.

Question : How do i apply CGI recruitment process ?

Answer : You can apply in CGI in two ways:

  1. Visit CGI official website for any opening or you can also visit PrepInsta official website for the recruitment process or latest process updated information.
  2. Sometimes CGI  also visits the campuses ,you can also apply directly through your college(On-Campus).

Question : Can a student have backlogs at the time of Interview?

Answer : No, the candidate with current or active backlogs are not allowed at the time of interview. So, candidate must need to clear his/her backlogs to seat in exam.

Question : How do i know CGI latest recruitment process?

Answer : Please visit CGI  Dashboard and click recruitment Page. PrepInsta will provide the more information for freshers.

Question : Where can I find CGI Infotech exam paper?

Answer : On our website paid material section, on main page you will find the written exam paper and syllabus.

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CGI Recruitment Process and Latest Process
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