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CGI Interview Questions and Answers 2020 (Updated)

CGI Interview Questions and Answers 2020

Here you will get information related to CGI interview Process and also CGI interview question paper with solutions. As we all know that PrepInsta is trustable and provide all important facts of Interview Process and CGI interview question and solution.They are aiming to spot the brightest, most capable engineers for multi-skilled multi-functional roles.

Here after doing a well research on CGI Interview Process, PrepInsta appears with the precise CGI interview Questions and Answers 2020.

CGI Interview Process PatternQuestions to be Asked
Online written test roundQuants, Reasoning, coding etc
Technical RoundAbout your Technical Knowleadge
HR InterviewPersonality traits and life skills
zoho interview

CGI Interview Process Pattern 2020

CGI Interview Round structure as follows.


  • Quants
  • Verbal Ability
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Computer Programming
  • Automata Coding


In this round, they will ask some technical questions from programming languages, basically, they want to check your technical skills, how good you are with the technical concepts.


In this round, HR will move around your personality traits and life skills. This is going to be the easiest round in the entire CGI Interview Process.

CGI Technical Interview Round with Questions and Answers

Technical Interview is basically organized to check the technical knowledge and capability of the student.

Undeniably, Technical Interview round difficulty is going to be average for you.
Question asked in this round are as follows :

  • Any Programming language.
  • About your project.
  • Related to C++ / OOP/ Java/ Python and other core subjects.
  • Your resume will play a very important role in your Technical Interview Round.
CGI Technica Interview

CGI HR Round with Question And Solutions

HR round is going to be just the wide-ranging discussion about you and the company.

Question asked in this round are as follows:

  • Tell me about your family background
  • Are you ready to relocate anywhere across India?
  • Are you comfortable with the night shift?
  • why do you want to join CGI?
HR Interview

CGI Interview Experiences

A lot of aspirants have shared their interview experience for CGI with us. And here those are, you can go through with these so that you can prepare in the best way.

Visit our CGI interview experience dashboard for more details.

Note- For more details you can visit to our CGI Main Dashboard .

CGI Interview process

CGI Interview Questions and Answers Based FAQ's

Question : Will my Interview be only resume based or it will also be related to my Under-graduate degree?

Answer : It will be resume specific but they might ask you questions regarding you Under-graduate degree so, prepare well.

Question : What is the most important topic in Technical Interview Round?

Answer : OOP, Java, DBMS are some of the important topics, But you also have to prepare well for one preferred language in which you are good in.

Question : What type of questions will be asked by HR?

Answer : Basically HR Questions are related to your Personality Traits.

Example- Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

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