Zoho Recruitment Process 2022

Zoho Recruitment Process 2022

Zoho hires many students every year from different colleges and through off-campus drives. Zoho Recruitment process 2022  is very simple and easy to crack, as Prepinsta provides you with all the details about the whole process and study material. Zoho Recruitment process 2022 batch has started and you will find all the details over here.

Zoho Recruitment Process consists of 5 Rounds depending on their Hiring. Zoho Recruitment is very easy to clear if understood the whole Recruitment Process provided here

Zoho recruitment process

About Zoho Recruitment Process For Freshers:

QualificationsStudents from any stream(UG/PG)(open for all candidates)
Percentage CriteriaNo percentage criteria
BacklogsNot Allowed
Gap 1 year Allowed
Skills requiredC, C++, C# & JAVA

Zoho Recruitment Process and Procedure 2022

Zoho Recruitment consists of the following rounds:-

Round 1 : 

The Round 1 consist of the General Quants + Programming round (to write the output of code).

Round 2 : 

 It is the Programming Round. The time duration is 3 hours. Questions will be from different Topics such as Pattern printing or sorting Algorithms.

Round 3 : 

It is the Advance Programming Round. Students are required to write the Design and Advanced Programs.

Round 4 :

The Technical Interview – In this round the interview just checks the basic knowledge and the fundamental questions about programming.

Round 5 :

After clearing all the above rounds, the final round is hr round. It is very easy to clear and to be selected for the Zoho.

Accenture Recruitment pattern for Freshers
Written Test

This Test Consist General Qunts + Programming (Output of code)

Accenture Recruitment Process 2021-2022
Programming Test

Programming Round duration of 3 hours.

Accenture Recruitment pattern for Freshers
Advanced Programming Test

This Round is difficult round and very Advanced.

Accenture Recruitment pattern for Freshers
Technical Interview

Technical Questions asked in this round.

Accenture Recruitment pattern for Freshers
HR Interview

In this round HR questions asked from candidates.

Zoho Recruitment Rounds :-

1. Written Test : 

In this , they mainly ask about the General Quants questions and programming output. Students can study the general topics from Prepinsta as given in the Syllabus. Zoho asks the direct output of the code and need to predict the code function and output.

2. Programming Test :

Students are asked to code the program. They are restricted to code in c language and they ask 5 questions. Students can practice programs on Turbo compiler.

3. Advanced Programming Test : 

This round consist of the difficult questions, So study this topic hard and practice it more. The questions asked in  this round are mostly design level and very Advanced.

4. Technical Interview :

The Technical Interview is mainly to test the knowledge of the students. All the computer fundamental and Programming Knowledge of the students are tested in this round.

5. Hr Interview :

After clearing , so much of the technical rounds and tests this is the Final Round. The Hr round is easy to clear they mainly ask Basic details on yourself and the general details.

FAQ's on Zoho Recruitment Process

Does Zoho have any Percentage criteria?

No, Zoho have no any percentage criteria.

Does Zoho recruit externally or only internal recruitment is there?

Yes, Zoho has both the options , They sometimes hire through staffing agencies and individual recruiter and most of the times internally.

Can a student have backlogs at the time of interview

No, the candidate shouldn’t have any backlogs at the time of interview.

Where to apply for Zoho interview?

You can apply in zoho two ways:

  1. Visit Zoho official website for any opening or you can also visit prepinsta for the updated information
  2. zoho also visits the campuses you can apply directly through your college

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