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Zoho Computer Programming Questions and Answers 2019

Zoho Computer Programming Questions and Answers

Zoho Computer Programming Questions and Answers are the one which is repeated easily. In this particular section, you will find the Zoho computer programming round questions and answers. There are several Zoho Programming and Advanced Programming rounds questions which are asked in every year Zoho  Programming and advanced programming round of placements.

You can get more Zoho Computer Programming Questions and Answers on PrepInsta. While in Zoho Placement Zoho Computer Programming Round is the backdrop for one’s selection.

Zoho Computer Programming
Total Number of Questions10 Questions
Total Time1 hour


Questions – 10 
Total time – 1 hour
Difficulty – Easy- Medium

zoho coding


In this round you are expected to write code in C++ or JAVA. All you have to work on these features

  • Quality
  • Modularity
  • Boundary test cases
  • Efficiency

In this round there will be given some modules to create or design like:

  1. Booking
  2. Availability checking
  3. Cancellation
  4. Prepare chart

Questions – 5-8
Total time – 75 mins
Difficulty – Medium – Hard

Zoho Computer Programming Test Paper With Solutions2019

Topics NameNo Of Questions(Approx)Difficulty Level
Complex and Nested Loops1-2Medium
Control Flows1-2Easy-Medium
Dynamic memory allocations2Hard


Student Details

Name: Ria Soni
College: IIT, Chennai
Branch: Electrical Engineering
Type of interview: ON-campus Interview

Student Interview

I attended the ZOHO pool campus drive conducted in our college last year. Our Training and Placement Officer (TPO) shared a mail with a registration link and asked all the final year students to apply on it.

Eligibility Criteria

There were no percentage/branch criteria. Everyone was eligible to attend the drive. The only requirement was that there should be a maximum of 1-year gap in between 12th and joining of college.

Number of Rounds

There were four rounds in total,

  • Written Round
  • Coding Round
  • Technical Interview Round
  • HR round

Written Round
The written round was divided into two parts. In the first part, there were questions related to Quantitative Analysis, and Logical and Data Interpretation.

Coding Round

Students who cleared the written round were only eligible for the coding round. This round was a cake walk for the CS/IT students, but for students with non-CS/IT branches, it was difficult. There were total 5 questions in this round. We had to write the complete code for the questions. Questions in my sheet were,

  • Reverse the words in a given string.
  • Find the longest Palindrome in a given string.
  • Find the height of a binomial tree.
  • Write the Pigeonhole Algorithm.
  • Write the code for Fibonacci Series.

Face to Face Interview Round
There were two face to face rounds,

  • Technical
  • HR

Since the number of students were more, the round was taken in a group of three. In my case, we three were of the same branch. After the formal introduction, the interviewer asked us a few general questions such as what was your favorite subject during engineering, how are the preparations going for the final papers, etc. Later he asked us some technical questions such as,

  • What is latching current?
  • Explain Knee point Voltage
  • Explain the reverse power relay.
  • State the methods to start an induction motor.
  • Explain stepper motor.

After this, we all three gave a presentation on our final year projects. The interview lasted for about 30 minutes, and we left. The results for the technical round were announced at the end of the day, and I was not shortlisted for the HR interview. Certainly, that was not my day. I again applied at ZOHO when it conducted an off- campus drive in Bangalore. Finally, I got selected in my dream company as the Senior System Engineer.


Question : How much important is programming section?

Answer- Programming section is the most important section as 2 of your Rounds depends on it. Programming rounds are the toughest part of whole process.

Question : What is important of clearing Programming Round?

Answer- In the programming round, you need to focus on Quality and efficiency of your programs. You should focus on Loops and Matrix for clearing this round.

Question :How much time I need to prepare for both the programming rounds?

Answer : You need to have 10-15 days to prepare best for both the programming rounds.

Question: Is Prepinsta sufficient to prepare for Programming round?

Answer : Yes, We have the sufficient questions you need to prepare for programming round with answers.

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Zoho Computer Programming
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