What is HackerRank?


Hackerrank platform can be used in multiple ways as required by the user. We can use HackerRank as coding practice platform, where we can practice coding questions in different languages and get rewarded by Badges based on number of problems that you solve. It is fun to solve those problems and also you can increase your rank in the leader board.

The other way to use Hackerank platform is by applying to the jobs from their Jobs Portal or Taking exams as HackerRank as platform (Generally several companies hire through HackerRank platform).


There is no particular Syllabus and it is dependent on companies that hire.

what is hackerrank

HackerRank as Practice Platform

Badges in hackerrank

In HackerRank we can practice problems in different domains/programming languages. We can also separate difficulty level as Easy, Medium or Hard. Each problem you solve gets you some points based on difficulty level you solve. After reaching some points you are provided with some badges. Refer the given image to know how badges awarded to you look alike. You can choose any domain to practice. Add badges to you linkedin account to get noticed , also participate in hackthons conducted by hackerrank.

Available Domains to Practice

Domain NameSub-domains
Algorithmssorting, search, DP, Recursion, Greedy, debugging 
Data StructuresArrays, linkedlists, trees, stacks, queues, heap
MathematicsNumber theory, combinatorics,algebra, probability 
Artificial Intelligence Bot building, A* searching, games, DIA, NLP
C++Strings, Classes, STL, Inheritance
JavaStrings, Big number, Data structures, OOPs
Pythondata types, strings, sets, Math, itertools, Collections, Classes
RubyControl structures, arrays, hashes, enumerables, methods
Linux shellBash, text processing, Arrays in bash
CConditionals, loops, arrays, strings, functions,structs and enum
SQLSelect, aggregation, join, queries
Databasesrelational algebra, indexes, OLAP, NoSQL
Regexcharacter class, repetitions, assertions, appllications

Hackerrank Certifications

Besides practicing hackerank also provides certificates for the skills we learn. To get certification we need to take certification skill test conducted by hackerrank on their own platform. To learn more about Certifications check the below page

HackerRank as Exam Platform

Use Prepinsta online classes and practice problems in hackerank platform to get familiar with the platform. Once after completing this apply through jobs protal or any offcampus drives that conducts through HackerRank. Difficulty level of the questions in this platform will be medium to hard (most probably tougher) but with a bit of learning and a byte of practice you can able to solve problems easily. Companies hire through this platform provides you good packages too.

Difficulty level: 

                                        Medium to Hard

Topics/Skills tested:

                                        Coding, Quantitative ability, Logical ability, Verbal ability.

Syllabus Covered:

                                        Depends on company that hire.

Know more about Companies hiring through Hackerrank 

Additional Information (FAQ's)

How can I prepare for a Company hiring through HackerRank platform ?

We always love to help you in this scenarios. We have our Prime Mock made specially for HackerRank which helps to solve questions that is similiar to the questions based on previous papers.

What is the average Package provided by the Companies

Package of companies hiring through HackerRank ranges from 4LPA to 21LPA (Approx.)