HackerRank Challenge for Certification

 HackerRank Certification

HackerRank Skills Certification Test is a test conducting by Hackerrank which provides a certificate on successful completion of test which can be used in different ways to apply for new jobs in HackerRank jobs and also endorse your skills. 

At present there are several skills tests available and also few will be added in future. 

Timings and syllabus varies with the skills test that you take.

hackerrank certificate

HackerRank Certification Challenge

When to register:

There is no deadline for registrations you can register at your comfortable time and can take test remotely .

Who can register:

Any individual with keen of learning can register. No age limit. No limits on graduation. Student or employee or any person with hackerrank account can register.

Steps in hackerrank skills test

Skills available in HackerRank Skills Certification

Certification NameDifficulty Level
AngularBasic + Intermediate
GoBasic + Intermediate
JavaScriptBasic + Intermediate
Problem SolvingBasic + Intermediate
RBasic + Intermediate
Rest APIIntermediate
SQLBasic + Intermediate

Use of  HackerRank Skills Certification

You will get two benefits by taking HackerRank skills certification.

  1. Increase weightage  of Resume and linkedin profile
  2. Make your application highlighted to companies hiring through HackerRank jobs.

Sample Certificate

Sample hackerrank certificate

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Additional Information (FAQ's)

What’s the duration of the test?

Test duration varies with skills that you take. It is usually from 60 to 90mins

What is the subject matter tested during the test?

Every individual skill test covers concepts for a particular skill. Like Python(Basic) tests your basic knowledge on python programming language.

What happens if I fail the test?

No need to worry if you fail in the test. If you didn’t pass the test then you can retake the test after sometime( approx 10 to 15 days after first attempt). Your result of failed test will kept unknown to the companies. Practice in this time and give another try after a few days.

Why should I take this test?

Learn new skills and take the certification test on the particular skill. You can improve your skills and also get a certificate from hackerrank which helps you in different ways to get a job related to that skill.

What are different skill tests available?

There are many tests available now and Hackerrank also adding new skills in future. Few skills available now are Python, Java, C#, JS, Angular, Sql…. 

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