HackerRank Psychometric Questions and Answers 2024

HackerRank Psychometric Questions and Answers 2024 detail is given here on this page.

It always comes in mind What is Psychometric Test and why this round is important? Psychometric Round is also known as behavioral competency round. In this Round you will be asked question where you will have to strongly agree or disagree on any point.

Company will judge you on the basis of your answer that what is your way to react on any situation and your team work spirit and leadership quality.

HackerRank Psychometric Questions and Answers 2021

HackerRank Psychometric Questions

If you will ask for difficulty level of HackerRank Psychometric Questions and Answers For Freshers then there is no such difficulty level of Psychometric. You will have to choose option like disagree or agree and everyone have their own opinion.

But if you answer any point agree then must keep that in mind. Don’t select any answer randomly because there is high priority that questions will repeat to check how determined you are for your opinion.

Important Points Information
Type Psychometric
Question 40(approx)
Time 120 mins (shared with other section)
Negative Marking No

HackerRank Psychometric Round For Freshers

More about HackerRank Psychometric Round

Personality Attributes


To test your behavior regarding the various situation.

What is HackerRank Psychometric Test

Analytical Ability


To test your methodological approaches towards problems.

Psychometric Questions for HackerRank

Leadership Skills


To test your methodological approaches towards problems.

MOre about Psychometric Test HackerRank

Interpersonal Skills


To test your way of interaction with other people

HackerRank Psychometric Test Questions with Solutions pdf

Personality Attributes

Personality is a collective thought process, that how you behave. These things are mainly judged in a candidate to see if he/she is compatible with the company’s environment.

The key points that one should remember are:

  • Curiosity – Have to be curious and attentive to absorb maximum information.
  • Adaptability – Ability to change, adjust, and fit around new workplace, or people as the work demands
  • Discipline – Be active, instructed, and follow standard guidelines for the work.
  • Self-confidence  Have a positive mindset, and love what you do.
  • Optimism – Always help others without thinking of benefits you may gain.
  • Loyalty – Always be honest and maintain transparency in your work.
  • Resilience – Think for a better solution every time, maintain progress.
  • Result Orientation – Be focused, if you have given a deadline to a project then stick to it.
  • Stress Management – Stay calm and focused on whatever the situation is.
  • Accountability – Accept the mistakes, and try not to repeat the same mistake again.

Analytical Ability

Analytical thinking is a basic test of how you can resolve a problem statement logically.

The key points to remember are:

  • Attention to details –
    Pay attention, and follow every step while doing a task.
  • Critical Thinking – Thinking differently, and try to solve the various complex problem by breaking it into various small parts.
  • Problem Solving –
    Skills to resolve problems by finding effective solutions and avoiding long approach.
  • Planning and Organization – Before starting a task, plan, and organize all the steps that lead towards the goal.
  • Decision Making – Opting right approaches among several paths.
  • Strategic Thinking –  Take a calculated risk by knowing the pros and cons of the decision you are about to make.
  • Ambiguity Management – With the least information provided, how you can use it to resolve the problem.

Leadership skills

It can be used when there is a requirement to lead the team towards the goal.

Good leadership requires perfect organization, takes calculated risks, and motivates others to keep going even if there is a slight possibility of achieving a goal.

The key points to remember are:

  • Motivating Others –
    Keep motivating team members to go on even in hard times.
  • Developing People
    Provide, helpful, and honest feedback to fellow workers.
  • Change Agent –
    Effectively change and adapt oneself and work with new processes.
  • Visionary Perspective-
    Be someone with unusual or progressive ideas about the future or advancements
  • Influence – Possessing the charm to win over others despite others’ arguments.
HackerRank Psychometric Questions and Answers for Freshers

Interpersonal Skills

It counts how to respect your co-workers and not being rude if you have power.

The key points to remember are:

  • Effective Communication –
    Correct use of grammar, idioms, and phrases, etc makes your talk smooth.
  • Active Listening –
    Be attentive when any information is provided, and try not to interrupt anyone in between conversation.
  • Teamwork – Working alongside a bunch of people without any conflict and achieving the goal.
  • Networking – Stay connected to your juniors as wells as your seniors.
  • Delegation – While working in a team, distributing the work among teammates properly by analyzing their skills.
  • Establish Trust –
    Be faithful with your fellow workers.
  • Effective Presentation –
    Present anything thinking about the audience from different backgrounds.
  • Negotiation – Understands when to compromise as well as when to stand one’s ground.
  • Empathy – Always empathize with your co-worker’s emotions, feelings. And always be supportive.
  • Openness to Diversity – Accept the challenge of working on different things, try to learn several things, and work with versatile people.

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FAQs on HackerRank Psychometric Test

Is Psychometric Test a compulsory round in HackerRank Online Test?

No, this round is Optional and totally depends upon company that whether they want to include this round or not.

How to prepare for Psychometric Round of HackerRank?

There is no such preparation for this round. All you need to do is be real and keep in mind all the points mentioned above. !! 😛