TCS Digital Analytical and Logical Questions and Answers 2018

TCS Digital Analytical and Logical Questions and Answers

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TCS Digital Analytical and Logical Aptitude Questions and Answers with Solutions

TCS Digital Analytical and Logical Questions

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Questions asked in 20th July Batch – 

Ques. 1 x,y are odd positive integers such that (1+3+5+….+x)+(1+3+5…+y)=1+3+5+…19 then x+y is divible by wt?

Ques. 2 .(1+3+5+………+p)+(1+3+5+…….+q)=1+3+5+…19, then p+q is

Ques. 3 ANGEL.Number of ways of arranging the letters of the above word to get the word ANGEL according to dictionary. Ques. 4.THunder STORM can be written as STORM / TH then how can p h o o h p be formed?

Ques1. How many 10-digit strings of 0’s and 1’s are there that do not contain any consecutive 0’s?

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Ques. 2 A and B stand at distinct points of a circular race track of length 135 m. They cycle at speeds of a m/s and b m/s respectively. They meet for the first time 5 seconds after they start the race and for the second time 14 seconds from the time they start the race. Now, if B had started in the opposite direction to the one he had originally started, they would have met for the first time after 60 seconds. If B is quicker than A, find b.

  1. 8
  2. 11
  3. 7
  4. 6

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Ques. 3 A rectangle of height 100 squares and width 200 squares is drawn on a graph paper. It is colored square by square from top left corner and moving across in a spiral turning right whenever a side of the rectangle or a colored square is reached. Which square is colored last? (give its row and column numbers – the bottom right square is on row 100 and column 200)

  1. 50,50
  2. 51,50
  3. 51,150
  4. 50,150

Solution – 

For (4, 8) rectangle, ends at (3, 2)


For (2, 4) rectangle, ends at (2, 1)

For (3, 6) rectangle, ends at (2, 5)

For (4, 8) rectangle, ends at (3, 2)

For (5, 10) rectangle, ends at (3, 8)

For (6, 12) rectangle, ends at (4, 3)

For (7, 14) rectangle, ends at (4, 11)

For (8, 16) rectangle, ends at (5, 4)

For (9, 18) rectangle, ends at (5, 14)

For (10, 20) rectangle, ends at (6, 5)

Analyzing the above 10 points:

We can get some idea that,

For Even number of rows, End points column increases 1 by previous column.

For Odd number of rows, End points column difference of the present column

and the previous even number column.

For End point row, the value repeats two times from row 2.

In our problem, (100, 200) i.e.

Even number row,

So End point column value must be 50 for 200 columns and End point row value

must be 51 for 100 rows.

For even number of rows and columns,

Condition: Column =2*Row

Endpoint (R, C) = {((Row/2) +1), Column/4}

so last square to be coloured is (51, 50)

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Ques. 4 If 12 divides ab313ab (in decimal notation, where a, b are digits > 0, the smallest value of a+b is

  1. 7
  2. 6
  3. 4
  4. 2

If a number is divisible by 12 then it should be divisible by 4&3
for divisible by 4 last [2 digit]no’s should be divisible by 4
so last no’s are 12,15,18,,,,,,and soon..
now least is 12 it,. 3 which is not the option,,
no other least is 16 it’s sum 1+6=7..
so 7 is option 🙂

Ques. 5 In a family, there are four daughters Aasha, Eesha, Trisha, and Usha. Each girl has exactly one necklace and one bracelet. Each of these eight ornaments was bought in either 2007, 2008, or 2009. The eight ornaments were bought in a manner consistent with the following conditions:

  • The necklace for each girl was bought either in an earlier year than or in the same year as the bracelet for that girl.
  • The necklace for Eesha and the bracelet for Aasha were bought in the same year.
  • The necklace for Trisha and the bracelet for Usha were bought in the same year.
  • The necklace for Eesha and the necklace for Trisha were bought in different years.
  • The necklace for Aasha and the bracelet for Trisha were bought in 2008.

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Ques. 6 Of a set of 30 numbers, the average of first 10 numbers is equal to the average of last 20 numbers. Then the sum of the last 20 numbers is

  1. 2 x sum of first ten numbers
  2. sum of first ten numbers
  3. Cannot be determined with the given data
  4. 2 x sum of last ten numbers

since, average=(sum of n no.s)/(total no)
therefore, (sum of first 10 no.s)/10 ==(sum of last 20 no)/20
hence. (sum of last 20 no.s) = 2*(sum of first 10 no.s)

Ques. 7 George’s salary is 20% more than Mark’s,Harry’s salary is 30% greater than George’s. Tony’s salary is 40% more than Albert’s.Albert’s’s salary is 20% lesser than George’s. What is Albert’s salary as a percentage of Tony’s salary (to the nearest percentage point)?

  1. 60%
  2. 82%
  3. 76%
  4. 69%

Solution –

Assume that salary of mark is 100.

So george salary is 120x

Henry = 1.3(120x) = 156x

Albert = (1 – 0.2)156x = .8(120x) = 96x

Tony = 1.4(96x) = 134.4x

Final answer = ((Albert)/Tony)*100 = ((96x)/134.4x)*100 = nearest = 71%

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Ques. The number of integers n with 100 < n < 300 such that 16 divides (n​​^2- n – 2) and 25 divides (n^2 + 2n – 3) is

  1. 3
  2. 2
  3. 4
  4. 1

Answer –

n^2 – n – 2 can be broken up into (n+2)(n-1) similarly second equation can be broken up into (n+3)(n-1)

Given range in the question – 100 < n < 300

16 should divide (n+2)(n-1) so either (n+2) should be divisible by 16 or (n-1)

Create a table of all the numbers between 101 to 299 which are divisible by 16.

112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192,208,224,240,256,272,288

so either n+2 is divisible or n-1

so n+2 values are – 

114, 140, 146, 162, 178, 194,210,226,242,258,274,290

Similary for n-1

111, 127, 143, 159, 175, 191,207,223,239,255,271,287

Now, we have to calculate for 25 also for equation – (n+3)(n-1)

we will get only 1(226) as the answer.

Ques. 9 Each of Alia, Betty, Carol, and Dalia took a test. Each them answered at least one question correctly, and altogether they answered 67 questions correctly. Alia had more correct answers than anyone else. Betty and Carol together answered 43 questions correctly. How many correct answers did Dalia have?

Answer –

It is very easy

A + B + C + D is = 67

B + D = 43

Solving the above two we get

A + D = 24 

So if Alia solved max questions and everyone else had atleast one correct so A can be 23 and D = 1

Ques. 10 The length, breadth and height of a room are in the ratio 3:2:1. If the breadth and height are halved while the length is doubled, then the total area of the four walls of the room will:

  1. decrease by 18.75%
  2. decrease by 15%
  3. decrease by 30%
  4. decrease by 13.6%

area = 2*(l+b)*h
area1= 2*(3x+2x)*x = 10x^2

area2= 2*(6x+x)*x/2 = 7x^2

%decrease= (10×2 – 7×2)/(10×2)*100 = 30%

Ques. 11 A Sudoku grid contains digits in such a manner that every row, every column, and every 3×3 box accommodates the digits 1 to 9, without repetition. In the following Sudoku grid, find the values at the cells denoted by

  1. 79
  2. 59
  3. 129
  4. 113

Answer –

A sudoku grid contains digits in such a manner that every row, every column, and every 3×3 box accommodates the digits 1 to 9, without repetition. In the following Sudoku grid, find the values at the cells denoted by x and y and determine the value of 6x + 15y.
a) 87
b) 75
c) 99
d) 66

We know the values we can substitute for x & y
In the equation 6x+15y we substitute the value of y and try to find x,
if we substitute y as 6&8 it exceeds the values in the Options.
If y=4, then we can check value from options by changing values of x we have, ut we will not get answers in the options.
If y=3 and if take x=5 we get 75 which is Option B.
Answer is Option B.

Ques. 12 1 ,7 ,8 ,49 ,50 ,56 ,57 ,343 ,344 ,350 ,351 ,392 ,393 ,399 ,400 ,……..

The above sequence contains sums of distinct powers of 7 in the increasing order (7^0 , 7^1 , 7^1 + 7^0 , 7^2 etc). What is the value of term number 36 ?

  1. 16857
  2. 16815
  3. 16863
  4. 16856

Correct Answer – 16856

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Ques. 1Create English words of minimum length 4 using the characters from the word Innovation.

• Bigger the word, higher the score

• More the words, more the score. Duplicates are ignored.

• A character can be repeated only as many times as present in the input

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Ques. 2

In the following questions, 16 cells are shown. The objective is to get three clusters of four cells each, which each cluster having a common property, and the remaining cells in a fourth cluster of unrelated names.

Once the clustering is done, the cell identifiers (a to p) for the cells in each of the first three clusters need to be given, with one cluster per line with commas (but no spaces) separating the cell identifiers for each cell in the cluster.

For example suppose one cluster is a,c,d,p the second cluster is b,m,e,g the third cluster is o,f,j,n and the (unrelated) cluster is h,i,k,l Then corresponding output could be (the first three clusters can be in any order),

b,e,m,g o,f,n,j a,c,d,p

As a clue, Cobra and platypus are in the same cluster, Taj Mahal and Pyramids are in the same cluster, and Schrdinger and Newton are in the same cluster.

Word in first column row 1 is cobra and second is Taj mahal

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Ques. 3 The words Ocean and Cube can be related through a set of words/phrases in a specific order (path) as below:

Ocean, Water, Ice, Ice cube, Cube

In a similar way, relate Alert and Timeline.

• The score increases if you can relate them in more than one way.

• A shorter path gets higher score than a longer path.

• Use new-line between paths. Use comma between phrases in a path.

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Ques. 5 The following note gives one part of a position paper on the future of Life Science. Please read the passage, and identify which of the indicated technologies would be useful for these trends strictly based on the passage. Note that more than one technology may be applicable

Life sciences companies are focusing on keeping patients digitally informed with accurate medical information on diseases, related drugs, and devices through microsites, mobile apps, and informative videos. Rather than replacing healthcare providers (HCPs), the digital medium will complement the quality of healthcare available for patients. Platforms or patient healthcare portals such as ChARM PHR help users manage not just their personal health records and medication history but also care plans, immunization records, health and wellness tips, and so on. patientslikeme and other such patient networking portals connect people with similar medical conditions and help them better understand medication regime, side effects, and cost impact, among others.

In such patient networks, some members are key influencers or ‘digital opinion leaders’. Life sciences companies can collaborate with these community leaders to share their opinions and information related to new therapies, trials, and care methods with others. Social networking sites can also provide information on specific campaigns to access drug vouchers, coupons, health-tips, and so on. Companies are leveraging social media channels by creating community pages for disease condition information well within the required compliance and regulation. Unimetric’s report on pharma-social-media-trends states that most of the pharmaceutical companies are active on five out of six social networks with the majority preferring Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. MerckEngage is one such communication channel available across social media.

Digital technologies are now being leveraged to reduce medication non-adherence too with mobile-based trackers and schedulers, sensor-based devices such as inhalers, smart pillbox, and smart pills. Sensor-enabled medical devices such as oximeter and blood glucose monitor are capturing vital health stats for patients using their smartphones. These are transmitted to physicians and care teams, who provide patient-specific recommendations.

The selected technology ids (a,b and so on) needs to be entered in the blank area separated by commas. For example, if you think only a and h are valid, the answer line should be

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Ques. 6

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Ques. 7Words night, wrist, and stop can all be linked to watch. Similarly, what is the fourth word linking the following words Cottage, Swiss, Cake ​​​

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