Logical Analysis Scenario

In this section TCS basically wants to recruit people who have high deductive logic which is a great skill in artificial intelligence and since one of the profile that they are offering is AI in TCS Digital this is crucial.

We will walk through the Reading Comprehension and find the Solutions with you. Those technologies are marked in Green in bracket as soon as we see them. We also suggest you to write on a paper the technology that you notice while reading the RC simultaneously.

Your Reading comprehension in the paper will also be about the business of a client which maybe a company like Tesla, Mercedes, Nestle, or govt organisation like Finance ministry, sports ministry, BCCI, FIFA etc or maybe a business problem like this one below –

Question 1

Life sciences companies are focusing on keeping patients digitally informed with accurate medical information on diseases, related drugs, and devices through microsites (web development), mobile apps (Android, iOS, Swift, Java), and informative videos(Social Media, YouTube). Rather than replacing healthcare providers (HCPs), the digital medium will complement the quality of healthcare available for patients. Platforms or patient healthcare portals such as ChARM PHR help users manage not just their personal health records and medication history but also care plans, immunization records, health and wellness tips, and so on (Database, DBMS, Hadoop, distributed databases, non-relational databases, visualization). patients like me and other such patient networking portals connect people with similar medical conditions(semantic nets, Deep Learning, neural networks, behavioral analytics) and help them better understand medication regime, side effects, and cost impact, among others.

In such patient networks, some members are key influencers or ‘digital opinion leaders’. Life sciences companies can collaborate with these community leaders to share their opinions and information related to new therapies, trials, and care methods with others. Social networking sites can also provide information on specific campaigns to access drug vouchers(Digital Marketing), coupons, health-tips, and so on. Companies are leveraging social media channels by creating community pages for disease condition information well within the required compliance and regulation. Unimetric’s report on pharma-social-media-trends states that most of the pharmaceutical companies are active on five out of six social networks with the majority preferring Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. MerckEngage is one such communication channel available across social media.

Digital technologies are now being leveraged to reduce medication non-adherence too with mobile-based trackers and schedulers, sensor-based devices such as inhalers, smart pillbox, and smart pills. Sensor-enabled medical devices such as oximeter and blood glucose monitor are capturing vital health stats for patients using their smartphones(IOT, Nudging). These are transmitted to physicians and care teams, who provide patient-specific recommendations.

We have found some new answers and some common answers that TCS also gave in Sample Test.

Now the answers given by TCS are the follows –

IOT, connected cars, Nudging, social media, distributed databases, non-relational databases, visualization, chatbots, semantic nets, Deep Learning, neural networks, speech technologies, behavioral analytics, cloud computing, Hadoop, mobile technologies, gesture detection, collaborative technologies, knowledge engineering, speech technologies, language translation, simulation.

Outcome – We did see IOT hadoop etc. But, we strongly believe that connected cars is nowhere releated to the above Reading Comprehension.

But, yes we do found some decent things.

  1. They talked about programming languages like Hadoop, DBMS
  2. They talked about new data mining technologies like behavorial analytics
  3. They talked about AI Technologies like – semantic nets, Deep Learning, neural networks, speech technologies
  4. They talked about Artificial Intelligence

If you think that they will need a website or mobile app then the client or problem they are talking about in the reading comprehension will definitely have Database technologies like – Hadoop, DBMS, RDBMS, Database, SQL, NoSQL, Oracle, Cloud Computing (To store Data).

If they need website then definitely they need – Web development, HTML, CSS, mentioned new techs like Angular JS, ReactJS etc

If they(business) need customer support then to reduce client cost on hiring people they can have chat bots, speech technologies, language translation

If they need smart data analytics then you should include knowledge connection, neural networks etc.

Basically TCS Digital is hiring people to work on – Data mining, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Devops, Chat bots etc.

So mention technologies that you think have emerged in last 10 years in IT.

Few more example would be IOT, Self driving, Car pooling, Image recognition, automation, robotics, Electric cars etc.

Type 2

Computer vision is a branch of computer science aims to enable computers to recognise and process images in a way that human vision does. It is similar to imparting intelligence and instincts that humans possess into a computer. Computer vision is closely related to artificial intelligence, as the computer must interpret and discern what it sees, perform the required analysis and provide insights for decision making; e.g., computer vision for driverless cars perform functions such object detection (road, traffic lights, pedestrians etc.), motion & speed detection, path prediction. Obviously this needs to be done real time and across all the entities in the ecosystem, so there is a huge amount of data to process in a very short time.

Deep learning is a popular set of methods used to achieve this. Scientists collect sizeable sets of data and use it in part to train the computer vision algorithm and in part to test the algorithm. Subsequently they build the ‘decision-making’ capability based on the algorithm’s outputs, e.g., intelligence added to stop the car once a pedestrian is detected crossing the road in front.

As a computer vision expert, you have recently attended the World Ophthalmic Federation summit, where a proposal has been tabled to develop ‘Nethra’- computer vision-enabled goggles for visually impaired. The federation has collected a dataset of 1,000,000 images taken from various head-mounted cameras simulating the typical paths of visually impaired pedestrians in New York City. Some images have multiple objects in front, other images do not, some are.

Arrange the items below in order of what you would do to build the solution:

  1. Scale the object localization to support multiple objects
  2. Validate the accuracy of the model using the test data
  3. Build an image classifier that detects different types of objects
  4. Split the Data into a training and test set with ratio 70:30
  5. Build an object localization mechanism

This one we leave to the students comment down your answer in the comment section below with explanations.

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