Sequence sub-relation problem

Sample Questions 1

The words Play and King can be related to through a set of words in a specific order (path) as below –

Play, Game, Chess, King

  1. The score increases if you can relate them in more than one way.
  2. A shorter path gets higher score than a longer path.
  3. Use new-line between paths. Use comma between phrases in a path.
  • Thus Play, Chess, King will get higher score

Sample Question 2

Air and Armageddon

Armageddon basically means end of the world.

  • Air, Pollution, Armageddon
  • Air, Climate change, Armageddon
  • Air, Oxygen, Oxygen depletion, Armageddon
  • Air, Ozone, Ozone Depletion, Armageddon

Sample Question 3

The words Ocean and Cube can be related through a set of words/phrases in a specific order (path) as below:

Ocean, Water, Ice, Ice cube, Cube

Sample Questions 4

In a similar way, relate Alert and Timeline.

  1. Alert, Facebook, Timeline
  2. Alert, humans, armageddon, timeline
  3. Alert, Meeting, change, timeline
  4. Alert, browser, facebook, timeline

Actual Exam Questions of 20th July –

Ques. 1Relate Factory and Forest.

Ques. 2 ‘NIGTH,WRIST,TIME’ the fourth word is WATCH. Then what is the fourth word for ‘MEASURE,WORM,VIDEO’.