Mu Sigma General Knowledge Questions

Mu Sigma General Knowledge Questions and Answer

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General Knowledge Syllabus 2023

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Mu-Sigma General Knowledge Questions

Mu Sigma Interview Process

Akhsay Mishra

Round 1 – MuApt – The Aptitude Test
I have to admit that the aptitude test was one of the easiest things that have given so far. It mostly had CoCubes questions. Quantitative aptitude and logic, language, and communication, as well as personality-related questions, were usually covered in the test. Some of the questions included in the same were basic graphs, the solution to simple quadratic equations, puzzles on patterns, and more. It also have personality-based questions in which I had to be consistent as they were all about testing my individual personality.
The total time frame allotted for the test was 45 minutes, and the total questions were 33. The quantitative section had 8 questions, logical reasoning along with Verbal English covered 19 questions, General Knowledge had 5 questions, and 1 pseudo code related question.

Round 2 – Technical Interview
One Coding question was there in this round, which was quite easy to solve as I have read about them on the PrepInsta website where every other useful information about the test and interview was present.
The question included was:
1. Reverse a linked list.
2. Give an algorithm for creating a binary tree.
3. Write a pseudo code for the above
4. i++ or ++i is faster?
5. One question related to Problem Solving on Logical Thinking was also included in this

Personal Interview / HR Round
It was quite a cakewalk for me as my interview skills are good. Apart from one or two scenarios in business, the interviewer asked most of the questions about my resume and my subject of interest.
Now that I had cleared all the possible rounds for this interview, all I had to do was wait for the confirmation letter. After approximately 2 weeks, I received a letter and a mail saying I am selected as a trainee’s position in the company for which I had to report after a month.

Analytics 2023

Stats About Mu-Sigma ( General Knowledge )

Number of Question 5 Questions
Cut off Questions 3 Questions
Difficullty medium

Topic Wise Analysis

General Awareness Questions 1-3
Difficulty high
Importance high
Current Affairs Questions 0-1
Difficulty medium
Importance: medium
Arts and Literature Questions 0-1
Difficulty medium
Importance medium
Technology and Science Questions 0-1
Difficulty medium
Importance medium
Entertainment and Sports Questions 0-1
Difficulty medium
Importance medium

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