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Accenture Fundamentals of Programming

Accenture Fundamentals of Programming Questions and Answers



Time Duration

15 minute

Adaptive or Non Adaptive


Negative Marking


Accenture Fundamentals of Programming Curriculum

Accenture Communication assessment

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Accenture Fundamentals of Programming Questions with Solutions :

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Interview Experience

Accenture interview Questions and Answers

Student Interview

During the last semester of my course, I received an email from my training and placement officer that I was eligible for the on-campus interview which was conducted by Accenture. I knew about this company as one of my friend was working in it, Thus, I registered myself for it through the given link provided by our TPO and started preparing for the same. I asked my seniors about the preparation and the interview process, and they suggested me to prepare from the Prepinsta material. The eligibility criteria for Accenture was 60% throughout with no current backlogs. The first step of the interview process was communication assessment test which we have to give from our personal PC or laptop. After registration we received a link for the Communication Assessment. After the communication round there were 3 more rounds which included Online Test, Technical Interview and HR Interview.  Furthermore, the company uses CoCubes as a platform to conduct the exam. The rounds are explained in detail below.

Communication Assessment Test

According to company rules, those who were eligible as per the criteria had to first appear for the communication assessment test. The test had 6 sections including reading, repeating, question answer, jumbled sentences, storytelling, and open questions. The questions were required to be answered orally.

  • Reading- Total 8 sentences are there, and you are required to read the one they ask to read. The audio said read the first sentence, you have to read it and similarly all the sentences. Through this they want to check the accent sharpness and pronunciation.
  • Repeating Sentences- An audio is given and you are asked to repeat the sentence as it is.
  • Question Answer- In this section, simple questions are given like, you drink milk in a cup or in a bowl?
  • Jumbled sentences - Here, a sentence was given in three parts and was spoken in a jumbled way. You are required to listen it and speak out in the corrected form. With every question the level of difficulty will increase.
  • Story Telling- A short story of around one minute was spoken in a stretch. You will asked to listen to the story, understand the meaning, remember the characters, and tell the summary of the story.
  • Open Questions- Some HR question will be asked, and one minute will be given to answer.

Accenture Online Test

Those who cleared the first round got the mail for the further rounds. I passed the first round and was selected for the second online test. This test was divided in two part, which are cognitive and technical test. Cognitive test included questions on quants, analytical reasoning and written communication/verbal questions. Each section had 20 questions and 20 minutes were given to complete each section. Some of the questions were on the topic directional sense, arrangements, grammar, sentence completion, profit and loss, percentage, equations, etc. Another part of this round was technical test, which included questions on fundamentals of programming and pseudocode.

I was lucky enough to crack this round and was selected for the technical interview round, about which I had no idea what questions will be asked.

Technical Interview Round

This round was the toughest round of the whole interview process. I was interviewed by two interviewers who asked me questions to test my technical knowledge. First, the interviewer asked me about the work I did in my final year project. Then he asked me the technical questions related to my subject. Some of them were:

  • What are the types of communication?
  • Where AM and FM are used?
  • What is Integrated Circuit?
  • What is a diode?
  • Explain op-amp.
  • What are the Barkhausen criteria?
  • Name the different categories of Antenna.
  • What do you know about the lonospheric bending?
  • What is the concept of frequency Re-use?

Most of the questions I knew and answer them confidently. Although I was nervous but did not allow it to come on my face. The interviewer was impressed by my confidence and asked me to wait for the results. The results were announced when everyone was done with the interview and those students who cleared it were asked to come in the auditorium for the final HR interview round. I was also selected along with 20 other students.

HR Interview

After the technical round the final round was HR interview round. When I went inside the HR offered me water to drink and asked for my resume. While he was going through my resume he asked to me introduce myself and tell something about my family. Then he asked me some more questions, which were:

  • What are your hobbies?
  • Why do you want to work with Accenture?
  • What are your strengths and weakness?
  • Your achievements if any?
  • Would you be comfortable in relocated to any other state or country?
  • Do you have any questions for us?
  • List some of the current news headlines.
  • What do you think should be done to improve our company?

Finally, the interview got over in 30 minutes, and I received a mail from them within one week specifying the offer letter.

Analytics 2020

Stats About Accenture 2020

Number of Questions 14 Questions
Cut-off 12 Questions
Importance Medium
Data Types 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty High
Importance Medium
Iteration, Recursion and Decision 0-1 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Procedure, Functions and Scope 0-1 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Arrays,Linked List 0-1 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Stack, Queues 0-1 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Hash tables 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Heaps 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Searching and Sorting 0-1 Number of Questions
Difficulty High
Importance High
Polymorphism 0-1 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Low
Abstraction 0-1 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Low
Encapsulation 0-1 Number of Questions
Difficulty High
Importance High

Accenture frequently asked questions on Fundamentals of Programming


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