AMCAT Previous Papers based Strategy Model Questions and Preparation

We have the best AMCAT Preparation Material with Answers, PrepInsta is India’s No.1 website for Placement Preparation. AMCAT Papers and AMCAT Question papers are most widely used by companies to recruit college freshers for on-campus as well as off-campus placements, it’s used by more than 500+ companies in India. Analysis Model of AMCAT previous papers analysis by students and pundits for Test Pattern has shown us that exam is of medium level difficulty, from various years AMCAT Placement Papers are used by many IT companies.

PrepInsta has achieved repeated success in helping students for Aspiring Minds Test and for which, the Pattern has been same. Our website offers AMCAT preparation in many ways by also providing AMCAT Model Papers and Mock Test Papers. Studying from AMCAT Sample Papers from previous year papers is not suggested as you can study from our Sample questions asked in AMCAT Test Papers. Also, check the Sample AMCAT Questions for different recruitment processes of various companies and a few AMCAT Sample Questions.

amcat sample papers

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Preparation of AMCAT Papers can be done by studying patterns from various Previous year Papers and other study materials.

These AMCAT Questions are applicable for the placement exam preparations of emphasis, Mindtree, Verizon, Wipro, Virtusa, Sonata, Sapient, teach for India, DuPont, Deloitte, etc, Note that these are not AMCAT Exam Questions but, reference practice questions for AMCAT, some keywords have been used for SEO purpose so you can find us easily.

Below you will find section wise AMCAT sample Papers with Solutions and Paid materials for best practice.


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Here are Sample Questions AMCAT Previous Questions for AMCAT exam papers preparation with solutions –

AMCAT Previous Year Papers Analysis and Sample Questions with Solutions

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This test is taken by many IT companies like mPhasis, Deloitte etc and other Call Center Companies


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AMCAT Sample Papers Pattern and Sample AMCAT Question Papers 2018

There are five sections in any given AMCAT Sample Papers and AMCAT Questions Papers if you’re applying for an IT job-

  • English Verbal
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Logical Ability
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Science

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On this group many students have shared AMCAT Sample Papers for Questions that were preparation guides for Papers with patterns.

You can check detailed AMCAT Syllabus for all Sections here.

AMCAT Preparation Material with Answers

amcat sample paper

Click here to visit Verbal English Dashboard for AMCAT Placement Papers

AMCAT Previous Paper Syllabus based – English Verbal & Models

– Note: Many of these topics aren’t mentioned on Aspiring Minds website in the syllabus but AMCAT Previous Paper and AMCAT Test Papers Analysis of questions has shown us that these questions are asked from below topics.

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  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 18 Ques
  • Time – 16 mins

Click here to check Score vs Percentile Chart

amcat previous papers with answers

Click here to Visit Quantitative Aptitude Dashboard AMCAT Papers

Sample Quants Questions

– Note: As observed from Previous Papers asked in AMCAT many of these topics aren’t mentioned in the syllabus on Aspiring Minds website but questions from these topics were asked in previous papers from below topics as seen from AMCAT previous papers analysis.

  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 16 Ques
  • Time – 18 mins
  • Click here to check Score vs Percentile Chart
amcat model papers with solutions

Click here to Visit Logical Reasoning Dashboard AMCAT Papers

Model Questions on Logical Reasoning and Syllabus

– Note: Questions from many of these topics aren’t mentioned on Aspiring Minds website in the syllabus but as seen in Previous years AMCAT questions they asked from below topics.

  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 14 Ques
  • Time – 16 mins

Click here to check Score vs Percentile Chart

AMCAT Verbal English questions with solutions for AMCAT Questions

Click here to Visit Computer Programming Dashboard

Sample Computer Programming Questions and Syllabus

– Note: Many of these Placement Questions in the Papers aren’t mentioned on Aspiring Minds website in the syllabus but questions are asked from below topics, you can study from AMCAT Placement Papers.

  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 25 Ques
  • Time – 35 mins

Click here to check Score vs Percentile Chart

Amcat Computer Science Previous Questions

Click here to Visit Computer Science Dashboard

Computer Science – CSE Mocks

– Note: Many of these topics aren’t mentioned on Aspiring Minds website in the syllabus but questions are asked from below topics.

  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 26 Ques
  • Time – 25 mins

Click here to check Score vs Percentile Chart

AMCAT Preparation materials with Answers

Click here to Visit AMCAT SVAR Dashboard

AMCAT SVAR Dashboard

To test your reading, speaking and writing abilities this test is conducted.

SVAR – which loosely means words and voice in hindi is a patented test by AMCAT which evaluates the candidate on the following capabilities –

  1. Reading
  2. Fluency
  3. Speaking
  4. Grammar
  5. Vocabulary

AMCAT Sample Papers and AMCAT Mock Test Papers

Studying and preparing for the paper from AMCAT Sample Papers is the best by giving various Mock Test that are on PrepInsta since they will increase your accuracy and Sample time management . Once you’re done with the preparation give our AMCAT Mock Tests Papers by Solving as many Sample Papers.

We will soon be having Mock Test Papers for AMCAT added to this page so watch out this section and solve AMCAT Sample Papers.

AMCAT SCORE CALCULATOR from AMCAT Previous Paper Analysis

AMCAT Score vs Percentile(if percentile 100 then score 820/800) based on statistical analysis of marks scored and difficulty of amcat sample papers.

AMCAT Test Pattern for AMCAT Questions

AMCAT Section TypeNo of AMCAT QuestionsTotal TimeDifficulty
Logical Reasoning1416High
Verbal English1816Medium
Computer Programming2535High
Domain Test2625High

Here are AMCAT Score Vs Percentile( Score out 800 and Percentile 0 – 100)

English Score(900)470495525580640680710
Quants Score(900)480580650695745780800
Logical Score(900)460495515535570600680
Computer Programming Score(900)350390435480520595645
Computer Science Score(900)380415440470500595680

Strategy for Score vs Correct for Questions

For AMCAT Questions if you take lesser time than designated for a question in AMCAT Test Papers for e.g. if there are 16 question in quants and total time is 18 mins.

Thus, the total time for one question = 67 seconds.

  • If for quants any question is solved 10 seconds before i.e 57 seconds you get +15 points.
  • Similarly, if it is solved after 77 seconds – 5 points.
English(18 Ques)5911131314151618 Ques
Quants(16 Ques)5810111214141516 Ques
Reasoning(14 Ques)25791112121314 Ques
Computer Programming(25 Ques)691115221222325 Ques
Computer Science(26 Ques)61015171920212325 Ques

To increase your percentile Practicing from previous year AMCAT papers and AMCAT Sample Papers are the best.

Check out our Video about AMCAT Syllabus – Doubts you may have would be cleared by the same.

AMCAT Previous Papers with solutions

AMCAT Success Story

Read Success Stories by Anna Mathews

Name – Anna Jacobs

College – Vellore Institute of Technology

Scores(See in image)

  • Verbal English- 99.7%
  • Quantitative Ability- 97.2%
  • Logical Ability- 98.1%
  • Computer Programming- 97.4%
  • Computer Science- 95.5%

Company Placed – Wells Fargo

Linkedin Profile –

Topper’s Advice

The exam that is taken up as the first round by most companies while they are recruiting. I will suggest reading from newspaper daily for an interview and group discussions and Study AMCAT Previous Questions that will help you solve the AMCAT Question in lesser time.

I think for AMCAT Test Papers PrepInsta AMCAT Questions are completely sufficient to prepare. There are AMCAT previous year questions papers available with answers which help you prepare with complete focus by solving will increase your speed to solve questions.

I was weak in Logical Reasoning and it is known to be the most time-consuming section but preparing from here I could excel in the exam by constantly practising and improving my logical reasoning by solving many amcat sample papers. But, I must say PrepInsta has the best AMCAT Preparation Material with Answers, I owe my success to them.

AMCAT Questions are generally of medium to hard difficulty but most important thing is time management, I was never able to solve all AMCAT Questions in the given time for any particular section.

Amcat exam papers with Solutions For Off-campus on the basis of Aspiring Minds, score you can get interview calls for many companies like Accenture, Snapdeal, mphasis, Cognizant(CTS), Nokia, Samsung, Deloitte, MindTree etc studying for them is suggested from AMCAT Placement Papers.

Read more Exam Experiences Submitted by Students here on this page.

Previous year AMCAT Papers based FAQ’s

AMCAT Questions and Syllabus Pattern based

Ques. What is the average score for 90th percentile in AMCAT Paper?

Ans. For all of the section the 90th percentile marks ranges from 540 – 640 as statistically observed in amcat question papers results.

Ques. What is the level of difficulty for AMCAT Previous Questions?

Ans. AMCAT Questions from previous papers have been observed to be easy but since it is a time bound test. It gets hard to solve each question in 45 seconds – 1 min.

Ques. What are the good time saving strategies that one can use while solving the amcat question papers for a given company while taking amcat exam papers with solutions?

Ans. AMCAT question papers are mostly easy. So I will suggest that one must study theory and formulas really well since, a question in the paper that might take 1 minute to solve like Speed time and Distance may only take 20 seconds with the direct formula recommended AMCAT Model Question Papers with Answers PDF.

Ques. With how much percentile in aspiring minds question papers with answers can I expect calls from companies?

Ans. You need to score atleast 80%ile to get calls from various companies. 85%ile is suggested in aspiring minds question papers with answers even if you get 79%ile in 1 section then chances of your calls may decrease.

Ques. Which are compulsory sections in AMCAT for CS student if I am just giving Off campus AMCAT for calls from companies?

Ans. English, Logical and Quants are compulsory and post that it gives you a pop up if you want to attend computer programming too, which you can accept or decline based on if you want IT companies to show interest in your, post this section one more pop up will come if you want to attend your domain test like CS, Civil etc. 

Also, some companies like Deloitte shortlists on on the score of 3 compulsory section however, companies like CTS prefer Computer Programming MCQ well scored students too. For example, if you scored well in compulsory section you will get a call from CTS in AMCAT, but in case you didn’t score well in compulsory sections but scored well in computer programming and English, then they will call you for interview.

Well not necessary an interview, they also conduct Coding round for the selected students. So, in case you are shortlisted you will be sent an email saying attend coding round from home, in this test your don’t need to go to any center.

The above are only practice questions for AMCAT exam, nothing more.

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Also, a lot of websites are giving wrong information about the process, don’t trust anyone but us, trick to identify such websites is that there will be a lot of advertisements all over the page. These websites track you and automatically switch on your webcam and monitor you even if you leave them. Generally ads on such websites look like this – 

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