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Cost and Benefits of AMCAT 2022

AMCAT Test is an online assessment test through which huge number of companies( either IT and Non-IT) hire the candidates for the required positions and over the past few years AMCAT has become on of the most trusted recruitment platform for Companies.

Cost of Exam: 1100 + GST

Score Validity: 1 Year

Cost and Benefits of AMCAT

More about AMCAT

AMCAT also helps the students by providing them with the certificates which they can link on their LinkedIn profile or mention on the resume.

BenefitsFinding Job very easily both IT and Non-IT+AMCAT Premium
Exam Type Online(Adaptive)

Cost and Benefits of AMCAT 2022

Score Validity
1 year
Avg. Package
~ 3.5 LPA
Best for
AMCAT has AMCAT Pro, PrepAMCAT & few other Programs which helps students to get a better job in the best possible way. Performance Report is also provided with the complete details of the assessment about how a candidate has performed in the AMCAT Test.AMCAT also provides certicates to student.

AMCAT Test is also a well known Adaptive online Employability test through which companies hire and which helps colleges in helping the students with placements. AMCAT also helps students by providing them tests reports within 24 hours after the test.


  • AMCAT stands for Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test.
  •  This is also an employability assessment test which contains 3 sections Aptitude, Logical and Technical sections to evaluate  students skills.
  • The level of exam is average.
  • The sections can be chosen according to the educational background. Some modules are compulsory and some are optional.
  • Score Card is valid for 1 year.

Cost of AMCAT

 AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) is a test to evaluate the reasoning Skills, Technical Skills and Aptitude Skills of a candidate who is seeking Job in top MNC’s. Amcat is also known as employability assessment test.

The cost of AMCAT is 1100 which also provides one year subscription and all other benefits

These benefits include:

  • AMCAT Certificates (recognised by 2000+ companies) and can be published on your LinkedIn profile
  • Personalised Job recommendations
  • Comprehensive feedback (assessment of strengths, weaknesses)
  • Validity of your AMCAT score + Access to all hot and premium Jobs
  • Cost of AMCAT is 1100.

Benefits of AMCAT

There are many benefits of giving AMCAT test because it helps candidate in analysing skills and helps recruiters in identifying the suitability of the candidate for the position that the candidate is applying for.


Student Assessment

1. The AMCAT test assesses candidates in communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills and job-specific domain skills

2. If a candidate score good percentile in AMCAT then AMCAT helps in reaching that candidate to 2000+ recruiters

3.AMCAT provide certificate for the student's skill.


1. AMCAT also has AMCAT PREMIUM available which helps in building resume and providing students with mock tests(AI).

2. AMCAT PREMIUM also has Prep AMCAT which helps students to give the practice tests from their homes before the schedule of their AMCAT Test. The questions are original AMCAT questions from the previous tests.


Corporate view

AMCAT Test helps Corporates in the following way:

  • Help companies in hiring good candidates.
  • Choose candidates based on their respective skill level.
  • Brings more than lakhs of students in a single platform to choose from.


When it is good to give AMCAT Exam?

Best time to give AMCAT Test is different for On campus and Off Campus. Different Companies hire students at different time. Best time to give AMCAT Test for On – Campus is between April to November and Best time to give AMCAT Test for Off-Campus is between January to April.

What Is The Minimum Good Score for AMCAT Test 2022?

Cut off for each company constantly varies. But above 1500 marks is considered as a good score in AMCAT Test. So you need to score more to get placed in top Companies like Cognizant, Wipro, Mindtree, etc,. You can collect more information about AMCAT Cut off by clicking on the button given below.

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