What is AMCAT Test?

AMCAT Test 2023 Detailed Information

Lets understand What is AMCAT Test here on this page. AMCAT is one of the best Employability Test for graduate or undergraduate candidates. This test has one round i.e Online test and after the online test you will get your score card and depending upon the marks you will be eligible for different companies recruitment process.

This page will provide you with all the updated information related to Test Pattern, Eligibility criteria, Registration process, Minimum cutoff, etc.

What is Amcat Test

AMCAT  Test 2023: Eligibility

No, there are not any requirements for taking the AMCAT exam. Normally, companies set their own Eligibility Criteria for the Selection Process after reviewing the AMCAT Score Card of the candidate.

PointsImportant Information
BranchesBE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/Mtech or MBA, BCA & B.com
Academic QualificationVaries from company to company
BacklogNo active Backlog
Education GapVaries from company to company

AMCAT Test Pattern 2023 [Updated]

Section 1
Mandatory Section
  • Aptitude – 16 Question in 16 Minutes
  • Logical Reasoning – 12 Question in 12 minutes
  • Verbal – 18 Question in 18 minutes
  • AMPI – 72 Questions in 15 Minutes
Section 2
Optional Section
  • Computer Science- 20 Question in 20 minutes
  • Automata Fix- 7 Question in 20 minutes

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AMCAT Sample Report

Image 1:
AMCAT Certificate

You will get AMCAT Certificate on completion of your AMCAT Test.

Image 2 :
Report Card

AMCAT Report Card mentioning subject wise detailed Score.

What is AMCAT Test: Detailed Pattern 

Here on this page, we have discussed Mandatory as well as Optional Sections which are important for the AMCAT Exam.

FAQ on What is AMCAT Test

What are the Benefits of AMCAT ?


AMCAT Test or Aspiring Mind Test gives you a platform to acheive your dream job.

  • AMCAT provides 800+ companies to get placed.
  • You will be recommended in all companies on the basis of your AMCAT Score.
  • No Eligibility Criteria.
  • You can get your dream job via your AMCAT Score.
Who can take AMCAT Exam?


  • Freshers holding BE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/Mtech or MBA, BCA, B.com degree.
  • Experienced can also add their AMCAT Scores in their Linkedin Profile.
How long does the AMCAT exam take and what is the format?


The duration of the AMCAT exam is around 101 mins, depending on the optional sections you choose to take. If you will choose Automata Fix and Computer science then time will be 101 mins.

Format of AMCAT Exam:

  1. English: 18 ques, 18 mins
  2. Logical Ability: 12 ques, 12 mins
  3. Quantitative Ability: 16 ques, 16 mins
  4. AMPI: 72 ques, 15 mins
  5. Computer Science: 20 ques, 20 mins
  6. Automata Fix: 7 ques, 20 min

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