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What Is The Minimum Required Score?

AMCAT Test is a adaptive employability test which evaluate the students on the basis of four parameters-

  • Quantiatve Aptitude
  • Logical Ability
  • Verbal Ability
  • Core Branch Knowledge

First three module is important for all and fourth module depends upon the field of study and how much focused you are in that field.

Cut Off Marks For AMCAT Test 2020-21

Below we have tried to explain you all the section wise minimum marks that you should obtain to get calls from the Top Companies for Engineers, Other Graduates and MBA’s. Sectional marks in AMCAT Test 2020-21 is very important as many top companies in AMCAT like Cognizant, Wipro, Mindtree, etc,. focus on a particular section for their hiring process.

Cut off marks for English section In AMCAT


  1. For English – Upto 460
  2. For Quants – Upto 460
  3. For Logical – Upto 460


  1. For English – Upto 410
  2. For Quants – above 390
  3. For Logical – Upto 430

Cut Off Marks For Logical Section in AMCAT


  1. For English – Upto 460
  2. For Quants – Upto 390
  3. For Logical – Upto 430

NO. Of Questions
Time Duration(In min)
English Verbal
Logical Ability
Quantitave Aptitude
Computer programming
Computer Science

Additional Information (FAQ's)

What is the Cut Off of AMCAT 2020-21?

Different companies have different cut-off marks. A smaller company would call you even if you have lesser marks, but a Top company like MNCs would need higher marks.

In English,a decent score would be:

  • For Engineers – Up to 460
  • For Graduates – Up to 400
  • For MBAs – Up to 425

In Logical and Quant, a decent score would be:

  • For Engineers – Up to 460
  • For Graduates – Above 390
  • For MBAs – Above 430

What Is The Minimum Score In AMCAT 2020-21?

Although there is sectional wise cut-off for every company but 1500 is considered as a good score for getting the interview calls.

How AMCAT Percentile Is Calculated?

On a scale of 100 to 900, the AMCAT score represents a candidate’s performance in the module. The AMCAT score should be compared against the 50 percentile of a specific module.


How tough is the AMCAT 2020-21 Exam?

AMCAT difficulty level is moderate difficulty. All you need to do is score high marks so you will get a call from good company. As the call from different company depends upon the marks scored in the exam. Company will offer you the job and Package according to your marks scored in company.