Reliance Jio Interview Experience-2

Student Interview experience

Student’s Name: Ranjita

College: PEC College of Engineering, Karnataka

Subject: Electrical Engineering

Type of Interview: On-Campus interview

Student interview

This year, during our last semester, Reliance Jio conducted its placement drive in our Campus. It was an excellent opportunity for me as I wanted to work with Reliance Jio. I started my preparations from PrepInsta, as many of our seniors and teachers referred Prepinsta website for interview training. I was eligible for the interview as I scored above 60% overall, got above 6.0 in CGPA, and did not have any backlogs.

Round 1- L0 Interview

This section had two coding questions and the time allotted to complete this section was 45mins

Round 2: Online Written Test Paper

The written test was of 75 minutes with no negative markings.

It was divided into four sections:

Reliance JioTotal QuestionTotal Total Time
Logical Reasoning12-15 (Shared with numerical)75mins (Shared)
Numerical Ability12-15 (Shared with Logical)75 mins (Shared)
Basic Programming3-675 mins (Shared)
Coding Questions275mins (Shared)
Total2075 mins

I cleared the online exam, the difficulty level was moderate, and we were sent for the second round in the next room.

Round 3- Group Discussion 

Few candidates made it to this round, and from this, I was able to make out that the rounds were going to be tougher from now on. The second topic for GD was, “Is E-Commerce a Sustainable Business Model.” We were given 5 minutes individually to speak about this topic. This round was to observe the English and vocabulary skills of the candidate. I gave my best in this round and got selected for the final round.

Round 4: Final Interview

Technical Interview Round

The questions asked in this round are:

  • How tube light circuit is connected and how does it work?
  • Write a program to count distinct elements in an array.

  • What is the principle of motor?

I was not able to answer one question; however, I was selected for the last round.

HR round

The interviewers first asked me about my background and explained myself in just two lines. I got a little bit nervous and was not able to answer them correctly. As they got to know I was nervous, they asked me to take 5 minutes break and then continue with the interview. 

  • Are you comfortable with relocation?

I answered I was perfectly fine with relocation.

  • Who is the founder of Reliance Jio?

Mukesh Ambani is the founder of Reliance Jio.

  • Do you have any questions?

I asked about question on the companies work culture and they answered about the same. Also the interviewer looked satisfied with my answers

Finally, when the results were announced, my name was also called as I was selected for the job.

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